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VSAT Installers covering Cameroon, Chad, Central Africa Republic, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, DR Congo, Sudan and Nigeria


GVF 561 & 562E Operating the Sea Tel Model '09 series Marine VSAT, Fundamentals for Marine VSAT Operators

GVF SATCOM Professional - VSAT Advanced Installer Certification

GVF 521 Practical Techniques for VSAT Installer

GVF 520 Satcom Fundamentals

GVF 510 Core Skills for VSAT Installers


Experts in Satellite Communications Principles, Radio frequency, Video Broadcasting, VSAT network operations and layer data communications protocol

Experts in Operating Multiple Access VSAT Networks such as iDirect, HNS, Gilat, Newtech and Comtech VSAT Technology.

Site Survey, Installation and Operation of VSATs, including Antenna Pointing, use of a Spectrum Analyzer, and good understanding of RF Communications.

Experience in Design and Operation of Satellite Communication Networks and Network management systems, including Broadband IP over satellite, TDMA, DVB-S2 and SCPC.

High ability to troubleshoot network problems effectively in a network operation environment, maintain a broad knowledge of all products, services and NOC procedures

Experts in Teleport Operations and RF equipment including Antennas and Waveguide Installation, HPA / SSPAs, Up / Down Converters, LNA / LNC / LNCs and Baseband Equipments.

Excellent Oral and Written Communication Skills and ability to communicate highly technical


1- Site Survey and Installation of many VSAT Antennas from 1,2 to 4.5m in C & Ku Band and WLAN in many African Countries: (Nigeria, Benin, Togo, Tchad, Gabon, Congo, DRC, Gambia, Guinea Bissau, Senegal, Ghana, Central African Republic, Ivory Coast and Equatorial Guinea)

2- Site Survey + Installation of 23 VSAT Antenna of 1.8m in C-band for the Credit Communautaire d'Afrique (CCA), 03 VSAT Antennas of 2.4m for Afriland First Bank and 27 VSAT Antennas of 1.2m Ku-Band for Express Union (Cameroon)

3- Installation of 1 VSAT Antenna of 2.4m, BUC of 40W, modem Comtech CDM625 with Microwave in 07 sites of the USA Embassy DRC - Kinshasa.

4- Site Survey + Installation of 03 VSAT antennas of 4.5m, BUC of 100W and 200W in SCPC / SCPC for BT HUAWEI in Benin, in Congo and in DRC.

5- Installation of 45 VSAT Antennas of 1.2m and 1.8m with a Teleport VSAT Antenna of 4.5m in Ku Band for CNCE (Caisse Nationale des Caisses d'Epargnes) Network in Ivory Coast.



WhatsApp: +237 672 650062

Telephone: +237 672 650062 and +237 691 992910

Skype ID: Pelote.Ayafor


1.8m diameter VSAT installation
1.8m diameter VSAT installation.

Teleport hub antenna installation
Teleport hub antenna installation

Installation of C band VSAT with circular polarisation
Installation of C band VSAT with circular polarisation.

Adjusting the pointing of a teleport antenna
Adjusting the pointing of a teleport antenna.


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