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Africa satellite service providers

Dish pointing Lagos and Nigeria

Satellite TV dish pointing South Africa

Mozambique Satellite internet

Satellite dish pointing: West Africa

iDirect VSAT in Africa

VSAT installer in Zimbabwe

Broadband satellite internet access in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

GlobalTT offer a low cost VSAT, satellite internet access service to customers in Africa. The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is favourably covered by a particularly powerful Ku band beam from the Telstar 11N satellite. See the satellite coverage map below.

The VSAT satellite internet technology used is SkyNet-IP. The large dish teleport is a privately owned facility in Europe, with high speed terrestrial optic fibre back-bone internet connection.

Satellite broadband for Africa and DRC

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Phone +32 10 48 56 00

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Telstar 11N Africa coverage
West, central and southern Africa coverage Telstar 11N at 37.5 West. Operation to the west of the 10 deg beam elevation contour is recommended.

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