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VSAT Installer in Kenya - George Mbogoh

Shepherd Tichvangani

VSAT installer for all of Africa.

I am a VSAT satellite dish installer with over 5 years experience and have installed more than 100 remotes on both Ku and C-Bands. I have worked on Eutelsat 1 and Eutelsat W3A, Intelsat 335 and 60 Degrees and PAS 7 &10.   I have installed 0.9m to 3.2m dish and worked on all type of mounts. I have worked in a Hub for 2years as a supervisor and was in a project for the installation of a Direcway hub in Botswana.   Systems worked on: Direcway, PES, Gilat Sky and iDirect series satellite internet modems.  I have worked on PRODELIN antennas and Patriot antennas.

Contact Shepherd Tichivangani +267 72202945 +267 3974191

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