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What they do:

Airtel provide VSAT based satellite communication infrastructure to many corporate clients in India.

Clients include the Banking, Manufacturing, Defence and the Services sector.  Their high quality of service  has been recognised by various third parties in the form of awards such as the 'Techies 2000' Award, the Voice & Data - IDC Highest degree of Customer satisfaction award for 2002-03 and certification as the only Sun Tone certified VSAT operations company in India.

They also act as an internet service provider ( ISP ), providing Internet based services to various corporates using both terrestrial and satellite network infrastructure.  Example clients using the infrastructure in India are Exide, National Panasonic, Good lass Nerolac and Citibank.

They have successfully completed projects in Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Ethiopia, Argentina, Bulgaria, Turkey, Sudan, China, Angola, Ghana, Indonesia, Madagascar and Mozambique.  Services provided include as consultancy, project management, training and operation support to overseas clients.

VSAT India activities:

Operations and maintenance of teleports in Angola, Ghana, Indonesia and Madagascar including the following VSAT related activities:
(1) VSAT systems and services design (we have carried out projects in Middle East, Bangladesh, Morocco, Bulgaria)
(2) Procurement of VSAT Equipment
(3) Installation and commissioning at VSAT sites (we have carried out projects in Bahrain, Sudan, Saudi Arabia etc)
(4) Operations Support (we are currently operating Gilat, Viasat and ND Satcom VSAT teleport hubs in Angola, Ghana, Madagascar, Mozambique, Indonesia, Mid East etc)
(5) Keen to extend coverage to European countries are looking for tie-ups. 
They have experience working with the following VSAT technologies: ND Satcom SKYArcs, ND Satcom SKYWan, Gilat Skystar Advantage, Gilat FarAway, Gilat DialAway, Gilat Skyblaster 360E, Viasat Linkstar, AT&T Clearlink Technology and Radyne Comstream

Services provided:

* Turnkey solutions for VSAT network implementation & setting up VSAT teleport hubs.
* Turnkey solutions for Satellite ISP implementation including ATM, Frame Relay, MPLS options.
* Satellite based connectivity solutions for ERP, SCM and Banking solutions.
* Disaster recovery solutions based on satellite connectivity.
* VoIP & VPN solutions based on satellite connectivity.
* Enterprise Networking Infrastructure solutions including Optical networks, WLANs and Network Management.
* Extremely cost effective managed network services from our state-of art facilities in India.
* Providing Connectivity for GSM Networks, BTS-BSC, BSC-MSC, MSC to Teleport
* E-learning
* Support for all VSAT networks technologies - Gilat, NDSatcom, Viasat, AT&T.
* Operations and Maintenance of teleports

Recent activities are the successful commissioning of a VSAT based Voice Gateway for a major Telco in Bahrain. Also connections between BTS to BSC, BSC to MSC and MSC for a Dubai based GSM Operator. In India they have rolled out VSAT based GSM networks in the North East.

Airtel have an India International License to connect your office in India to international destination in the Middle East and SAARC countries through our International Gateway.   Projects in other countries have direct connectivity to the servers in India for email and data access.

Connectivity is provided from any location in India to outside (as per Indian regulations we are one of the very few operators who can do so).  They offer dedicated data connectivity with last mile in India on VSAT/Leased Line based on the International gateways in Delhi and Mumbai. The Gateway operates on powerful satellite which has very good coverage over the above mentioned regions.   End-to-end solutions are offered including supplying, installing and commissioning of the VSAT/LL at India and at remote sites outside India.


Airtel is part of the Bharti Group, a leading telecom conglomerate player in Asia valued at 2 billion US$. 

They own 3 satellite teleport hubs at Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore (C, Ext. C and Ku Band) and our state of art Data Center at New Delhi.   I have visited and done work at the Mumbai VSAT India teleport several years ago and was made very welcome.

CMax Infocom Ltd., its VSAT division, is a leading Asia Pacific VSAT service provider with 10,000 VSATs in India alone.    The company started as a joint venture of Comsat International & Max India and later became a part of Lockheed Martin.


For further details please contact:

Ashish Koltewar

Business Development Manager ( Technical & International services )

Airtel Enterprise services
Mumbai ( India) 

Email: Ashish.Koltewar@bharti.com

  Web site: http://www.airtelenterprise.com/


The Arunachaleswarar Temple at Tiruvannamalai

 Arunachaleswarar Temple at Tiruvannamalai   This image is quite unrelated to the VSAT India services but it brightens up this web page and brings back happy memories of India - even if I did fall down some stairs carrying a C band VSAT transmitter and hurt my ankle !.

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