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ASTRASAT satellite internet service - Satelitski Internet Sremska Mitrovica, Serbia and Monte Negro

256k, 512 k or 1024k satellite download bit rate using a regular Astra satellite TV receive dish.

Ono-way satellite internet service. Terrestrial phone or mobile phone for uplink.  Receive fast downloads from the satellite. 

Your computer must be equipped with following hardware and software for reception:

  •  PENTIUM Configuration 500MHz - minimum.   Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, Firefox or Opera etc
  •  Graphic card newer generation for better reception of digital TV channels, Sound card
  •  Installed Satellite DVB card or USB DVB box. We recommend Technisat Sky Star 2, but you can receive our service with any DVB card on the market like Sky star 1, Kiss, TwinHan, Haupauge, Siemens, Pinnacle, Win-TV nova, Techno trend etc. You must buy DVB card and all other hardware locally. We are not selling it.
  •  Minimum 30MB free space on hard disc
  •  Dial up modem connected to phone line (minimum speed 14.400bps) or ISDN , WAN, GPRS, Adsl or cable internet connection for UpLink.
  •  Our software supports Windows 98 SE, Windows ME, Windows 2000 Professional SP2 and Windows XP Home and Professional. We recommend Windows XP.
  •  Opened account at your local provider. Most effective is to use GPRS for UpLink through your mobile phone. Mobile operators will charge you only the amount of data transferred, and your home and mobile phone all the time will be free for calls. All data while surfing or downloading with our system you will get via satellite and only small amount will be send with GPRS. Less than 1% of total traffic.

Other conditions for reception :

  • Basic condition is that you live under Astra satellite beam footprint. (see picture above)
  • Common satellite dish (min. 90 cm) pointed to Astra TV satellite at 19.2 o (identical as for reception for TV channels)
  • Universal or digital LNB converter on your antenna dish, with cable connected to your satellite DVB card in your PC
  • Free non obscured horizon towards Astra satellite
  • If you want in same time to use internet or TV channels on your PC and reception of the signal on your home receiver from one dish you must install twin converter on your dish with two separate cables for each device.

  Important:  No transmit licence required.   Web site:

Satellite Internet Provider

Secer Sokak 27, 22000 Sremska Mitrovica
SiCG, Serbia and Monte Negro

Phone: + 381 22 639 090
Fax: + 381 22 222 891
Working hours:  Mo.-Fr. 09:00 - 16:00
Saturday 08:00 - 13:00

Text and images used with kind permission of AstraSat

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