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Broadband satellite internet services for the UK, England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

Two-way satellite internet service in the UK from Ltd

Two-way satellite internet with transmit - receive dish

This service uses one of the D-Star networks based on large European hub dishes operated by Eutelsat.  The system uses ASTRA2Connect branded technology (Newtec made).  A large, typically 68 Mbit/s outlink carrier is shared amongst all customers.  The return path involves short bursts of data being transmitted from each customer terminal whenever the mouse is clicked or an email sent.

Suitable for remotely located businesses, temporary locations or internet cafe.

Uplink / downlink speeds: 256kbps (down) / 64kbps (up) to 4096 kbps (down) / 320 kbps (up).

Advantages:  Works anywhere within the beam coverage. Independent of local telecommunications infrastructure.


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Astra2connect beam coverage
UK and Europe coverage.

 Astra2connect dish and indoor modem
Outdoor antenna with transmit/receive module and indoor box with ethernet connection to your PC or your own networking equipment

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