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Message started by jimwest on Jul 3rd, 2008 at 8:04am

Title: M0D1-SCPC Cards on 5IF Hub
Post by jimwest on Jul 3rd, 2008 at 8:04am
How is this card possible to work on this hub? Let say i have 200 remotes on star network, with a 3100 modem set, 40 SCPC remotes with 5100 modem sets, how the configuration of the hub would be? Anyone can help? Pleaseeeeeee...

Title: Re: M0D1-SCPC Cards on 5IF Hub
Post by TDMAMike on Jul 3rd, 2008 at 12:03pm
The M0D1 is simply a demod line card (Rx card) for the Hub chassis.  To put up an SCPC shot with one, you would need another card (M1D0 or M1D1) to radiate the carrier.  As it stands the M0D1 will terminate a single remote in an iSCPC environment (hence SCPC). You cannot terminate mulitple remotes on it.  You are thinking TDMA star or mesh when you discuss multiple remotes in star topology terminating at a single (or multiple) Rx cards.  Dont let me confuse you, the M0D1 will receive a TDMA upstream carrier, but when you mentioned the iSCPC environment, that changed everything, as iSCPC is point to point Remote to remote or remote to line card (Note: remote to line card iSCPC requires a fairly current software version-iDS as the older idirect version cannot config/terminate to a line card.  iDS 8.x offers that capability).

Title: Re: M0D1-SCPC Cards on 5IF Hub
Post by - Siva - on Jul 10th, 2008 at 3:56am
1. You need a M1D1/M1D0 Line card to transmit your downstream carrier to all the STAR Remotes (Better to go with M1D1 HLC).
2. If you want to separate the “In route Group (Upstream)” Carrier of STAR remotes, and then go for additional M0D1 (I assume you have enough Satellite BW for new carrier).
3. iSCPC, it is Point – To – Point communication, you don’t need to have a HLC. However, if you want to monitor all the SCPC Remotes, then configure at Hub and monitor thru iMonitor.
4. In case, if you want to terminate all the 40 SCPC Remotes at Hub Line Card, you need 40 Line cards..! (Hope I am not wrong)..! Pretty expensive set-up..!
5. For the above configuration, you must have a proper "Linkbudget" to accommodate all the carriers.

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