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Message started by on Jan 24th, 2009 at 12:36pm

Title: Over the air File loading not Working
Post by on Jan 24th, 2009 at 12:36pm
I have observed a problem on our network. Am not able to load option files from the NMS for the last one week. This is both on reliable TCP when the site is online and also on Push Remote-side with reset. I have reconfirmed that the management IP’s are correct and I can reboot the remotes both on Reliable TCP and push UDP. I have not done any software upgrade nor have i changed anything on the network to do with firmware. When i try loading on reliable when site is online, it responds with “Failed to download configuration: An unknown error has occurred in the connection to the target modem"
Any ideas how to sort out this issue or whats the cause? Am having major problems as i can't do any changes that request updating the option file remotely.

Kind Regards


Title: Re: Over the air File loading not Working
Post by TDMAMike on Jan 24th, 2009 at 2:55pm


(some of these may seem irrelevant to some, but there is a good reason why I am asking them)

1. What iDS version are you using?
2. How many remotes are exhibiting this problem?  I am assuming all of them?  From various networks (IDs)?   Again, I am assuming, yes, and this problem is being observed on every network populated in the hub.
3. You said you confirmed that the management LAN (Sat0) interface is good.  How have you validated that? Through IP TABLE output ( A/S/D +/-) when telneted to PP SAROUTER?      
4. You mentioned that you have not done ANY software upgrades nor changed anything with regards to firmware (as applicable to the iDirect network) but has anyone performed ANY work on your upstream router or the two switches (tunnel/upstream) recently?
5.  Is RIPv2 still running on your Uptream Router?  Please check it.
6. Can you connect to one of the suspect remotes with (your version of) iSite from the upstream or tunnel subnet?  Please attempt to do so.  Attempt to connect to the remotes LAN interface/eth0 and its MGMT/Sat0.
7. Are your NMS services healthy?  (putty to PRI NMS Server and check their status by typing service idirect_nms status)  Suggest you restart those services for good measure. A restart normally doesnt cause a service interruption, but will disrupt anyone with iDirect GUIs watching the network). Status Output should resemble something like this:

Sample out:
# service idirect_nms status
nms_config (pid 2361 ) is running...
nmssvr (pid 649 ) is running...
cntrlsvr (pid 664 ) is running...
revsvr (pid 678 ) is running...(this ones status is dependent on whether or not you are running this server)
snmpsvr (pid 9523 ) is running... (this one may or may not be stopped)
evtsvr (pid 14408 ) is running...
nrdsvr (pid 725 ) is running...
osssvr (pid 743 ) is running...(may be stopped as well)
nms_monitor (pid 30951 ) is running...

restart them by issuing service idirect_nms restart

8. With regards to your statement about being able to reboot the remote (TCP or UDP).  How is that reset negotiated?  From Probe tab?
9. Are there any observed "anomalies" in the various tabs of iMonitor?  Are the Latency, remote status and UCP tab's all reporting with accuracy?

I am pretty sure you either have a routing problem or a problem with your NMS.  Let me know what you come up with before we proceed.


Title: Re: Over the air File loading not Working
Post by on Jan 25th, 2009 at 8:39am

Hello TDMAMike,

1. Am running Version 7.1.1
2. This problem is across all the remotes in all networks that i have. I have 4 networks in total (Am a  VNO and not a HNO)
3. i used the Compare configurations to verify this. I of mentioning this as its the most likely reason why such a thing would happen.
4. The HNO recently had a planned maintenance (Reinstall RCM Module)
5. I do not have access to the upstream Router, how else can i confirm if the service is still working?
6. Being a VNO, i do not have a machine on the same subnet hence running iSite from the same subnet may not be possible right away.
7. I will get back to you on this shortly.
8.  This was in reference to reset from iBuilder both on TCP and UDP.
9. I have not noticed any anomalies from imonitors reports. I will be more keen on this now.

Kind Regards

Title: Re: Over the air File loading not Working
Post by TDMAMike on Jan 25th, 2009 at 4:38pm

Didnt realize you were a VNO.  

1. Is the HNO able to apply configs to his networks? Read: Is this problem only being observed by you?  
2.  If the HNO has no issues, have them check YOUR VNO permission sets in iBuilder to ensure they have not changed recently (specifically the "Apply Configuration" permission in your admin properties)
3. Do your remotes have any unapplied changes (!) pending that leads you to do a compare config? Be advised, using Compare Config is not recommended to hunt for Sat0 differences.  
4. In your current state can you retrieve the active config (with iBuilder) from the remote modem?
5.  Need to you start up iSite (if/when possible) and attempt to connect to any of the suspect modems.  Need you to try BOTH IP addresses.  You should be able to get thru on one of the interfaces (more than likely LAN/eth0).  Let me know what you come up with. If it is not possible due to your VNO status, then disregard.
6.  I would advise you to inform that HNO of your status and ask them if they have performed ANY work on the upstream router, switches or NMS.  *Ask them if THEY can push changes to your remotes.*  If they cannot then they need to take immediate action.  If they can, then they need to dig into why YOU cannot.  

RCM work should not have any impact on your inability to push configs (tcp or UDP).  So, we can line-thru that.


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