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Title: Avanti-Hylas ka-band Auto Deploy System.
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Avanti-Hylas-1 Auto Deploy Satellite ka-band system

El Molino Systems S.L. announces the successful testing of a 98 cm KA-BAND mobile antenna with AVANTI communications.

The 98 cm has been successfully tested and approved, taking on average less than 3 minutes to acquire and lock onto the HYLAS-1 satellite. A large number of tests were conducted with 100% connection rate. The Ka-band mobile antenna locked on and acquired the HYLAS-1 satellite without fail on every single test and delivered consistently.

During tests the Ka 98 cm mobile antenna, with its auto-acquire controller consistently delivered in excess of 10Mbps upload rate and 10Mbps download rates with a cost effective 3W transceiver during the tests.

With HYLAS 2 satellite launching in April/May 2012, there is footprint over large areas of Europe activity from the west coast of France eastwards to Dubai and beyond into Africa bringing a new attractive price point to transportable applications.

* Satellite news gathering.
* Cellular backhaul backup.
* Security and military markets.
* Telemedicine.
* Emergency vehicles.
* Building sites.
* Exhibitions.
* And many more ..

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