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Testresult UnaSat/Surfbeam in the DR.

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Dunhill Systems
Ex Member

Sep 12th, 2006 at 8:20pm  
The last 3 weeks we were able to test the SufBeam modems used by UnaSat in the Dom.Rep. with differetn packages

Model: Surfbeam SM1000
prot: DocSis 1.1
Sat: IA8 at 89 deg
BUC: 3 watt
Dish: 1.2meter Rx/Tx Andew (both models I and II tested)
Signal: 80-95% Q-scale on Birdog , 9.5-10.7 S-scale on birdog

All test had at least 2 hours or more, on 2 different times on a friday, during the weekend start at 12:00 noon and 18:00 afternoon

package 512(100:1)/128(80:1)
Downloadspeed better than 95%
Upload speeds better than 85%
Skype USB software worked great during a 30 minute during call
Net2phone very good, almost no noticeable lag

package 1024(100:1)/128(50:1)
Downloadspeed better than 95%
Upload speeds better than 90%
Skype USB software worked great during a 30 minute during call
Net2phone very good, almost no noticeable lag
Hardware SIP (german system) worked flawless during our tests , what really amazed us

package 1536(80:1)/256(40:1)
Downloadspeed better than 90%
Upload speeds better than 85%
all sofware systems flawless
Hardware VOIP LinkSys PAP2 with L3 contract
Callback number appeared in display (with some providers this is a real problem) crytal clear connection.
We even tried 2 software calls and 1 hardware call at the same time, and some notacible LAG appears but is not of real influence of the conversation

We even tried to crash the connection
creating several uploads who took 252k our of the avail 256k upload and started to make a hardware call
Than the lag is really there, up to 2 seconds, but no lost connection.

This system compared to iDirect and Nera  does a real good job
the overall quality is a little bit less than the "expensive" systems.
But the price makes it worth

Compared to a DW/HN/verizon system ... a top winner !

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Reply #1 - Oct 9th, 2008 at 7:23pm  
how can i contact the company that provides sat internet service in dominican republic with unasat since i have a surfbeam modem model sm1000 that i desperatly need to activate.

please help i have been looking for months for a dominican internet sat provider, that will provide at least 1 gb  daily in download

carlos  dominican republic
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Dunhill Systems
Ex Member

Reply #2 - Oct 27th, 2008 at 2:42am  

The provider just let stand all their clients in the DR in the cold.
A lot of people bought the equipment, even a few months before they pulled the plug.
And suddenly there was only a USA service and the rest could "eat" their equipment.

The only solution they could give cost another $$$$ and did not work for the people who bought the expensive "upgrade"
but no refunds at all.


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