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DIRECWAY in Mexico

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Oct 2nd, 2006 at 5:22am  
A friend of mine is "Transplanting" a DW6000 system from the USA down to Mexico and is wondering how hard it is to set the 2 way system up? He would be installing it on his house near Tijuana/Rosarito beach which is near the San Diego CA and Mexican border. Can anyone help with the corridinates and any install help and advice would be appreciated. You can feel free to yahoo IM me and I can relay the info to him  clevenhagenjs or you can email me clevenhagenjs@yahoo.com  My friend is retired and is not online and sure could use the help to get that installed. OR would he be better off getting one of the WildBlue Sat systems? Which would work better for his application?
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Reply #1 - Oct 2nd, 2006 at 2:11pm  
I'm confused. He's got a DW6000 system - but - he's "not online"? Perhaps that means the DW6000 is already broken down for transport (?).

If so, you could do it for him yourself at http://www.satsig.net/ssazelm.htm. Because without knowing to which satellite he's currently assigned AND the latidude/longitude of his 2nd location - nobody else can do it for you.

Contracting a SanDiego-based installer seems to me to the the most sensible approach. Good chance you can get the Direcway vs WildBlue question answered that way too.

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