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New Satellite Equipment for Sale in Angola

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Ex Member

May 15th, 2007 at 1:26pm  
We have the following new equipment for sale in Angola:

Equipment for sale in Angola            

Item      Description      Quantity

Satellite Equipment            
Satellite antenna      2.4 meter      2
Non-penetrating mount      for antenna      2
Satellite modem      EF Data 570L      1
BUC      Belcom 8 watt      1
LNB      Satcom Resources      1
Cables      Cable set      1
iDirect satellite router      Series 3100      1

Fixed Wireless Equipment            
Alvarion Breeze Net 28 5.8 Int      BreezeNet B-28 Full Link (BU + RB) with Integral Antennas      1
Alvarion Breeze Net 28 5.8 D      BreezeNet B-28 Full Link (BU + RB) with N-Type Connector for External Antennas      1
29 dBi 5.8 Ghz Antenna      Antenna 29DB 5.8 GHz for Long Distance      2
Alvarion DS 11 D-BU      2.4 GHz Base Unit      1
Alvarion DS 11 D-RB      2.4 GHz Remote Bridge      1
24 Antenna      24dBi Directional Antenna      2
WiFi Link      WiFi Link Point-to-Point Kit: including 2 x Indoor Accesspoint Bridge + 2 x Outdoor Atntenna 24 DB      1
WiFi Local Subscriber      Units to Look at DS-11 2.4 GHz Base Station      2
Telecom & Network Equipment            
Cisco      Cisco 1841 + V.35 WIC 1 T1 Card + Router Cable      1
VoIP Gateway      AP200B - dual port      5

All equipment is new.  Interested buyers are invited to contact us:

Y Fierstein

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