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need help on what to buy for remote hosting

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Sep 15th, 2008 at 7:22am  
Hello. I want to build a wireless network at a camp I own in CANADA.

Basicly I want to have a 36 inch sattelite dish, with a proper wi-fi enabled LNB, port it into my laptop, turn my laptop into a server, and allow other people with laptops at the camp be able to tap into my network.

At my camp is very remote, there is no power lines, phone, or anything, everything is generators.

I want to know more about what type of equipment I need, I know all about DISHES and LNBS so thats not a problem, but should I get a Wi-FI antenna as well? Also what type of hosting plans to lease data, preety well are available (any links to price plans or companies that lease this sort of thing in CANADA?

All of the users will just web browsing and email, no high prices VOIP or video.

Thanks in advance.

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Reply #1 - Sep 15th, 2008 at 10:42am  
You can get what you need here: http://www.nomadisp.com/

I'm sure there are others too.
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Eric Johnston
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Reply #2 - Sep 15th, 2008 at 10:49am  
If you need a satellite link to connect your remote camp site to the internet then I suggest a Wildblue/Xplornet type system.

This will provide you with an ethernet socket with access to the internet.  You then need to buy a wireless router to enable multiple local PCs to be connected.  You may wish to locate the wireless router high up in the centre of your site, with a toroidal pattern wireless antenna (called "hi-gain omni" in some sales blurb),  so as to reach the more distant located PCs.

If you are in line of sight range of some terrestrial internet access point, e.g. a building with ADSL or cable broadband then you might consider locating 36 inch diameter dishes at both ends and creating a long range wireless point to point link.  A mast at each end is recommended.   This is not a satellite solution, although you may well use dishes that were made for satellite use.  You will need wireless transmit/receive modules at the focal points, not receive only satellite LNBs.

Alternatives to Wildblue/Xplornet are here: Satellite Internet service providers in the Americas, US and Canada

Best regards, Eric.
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Reply #3 - Sep 16th, 2008 at 4:21am  
I noticed with Explorenet and wildblue that their rates a bit higher because they are trying to make money off the end consumer, I am almost thinking of starting a small biz to help other remote camps, but if i go through a provider like wildblue or explorenet, they dont give any discounts for higher volume orders or lease time. I know dishes preety well, and getting a KU/KA LNB is no problem, but what about lease time, is there any providers that wholesale bandwidth or anything like that?
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