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Experienced Communication Eng'r looking for work

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Oct 23rd, 2009 at 2:22am  

I have 11 years of progressive technical experience and specialized in Satellite communication (VSAT), land mobile communication and HFC, CATV high speed data internet services.
-Coaching and training developed through years of increasingly responsible roles.
-Effectual communication ability and strong, concise technical skills; understand importance of meeting deadlines
-Rigorous multi-faceted technical skills experience that encompasses RF system, LAN and WAN networks.

Part of my CV
Technical skills and hand's on with the following satcom equipment.

Satellite Modem
-Datum System, comtech EFDA, Paradise Datacom, IPR s500, Skystream, IDC superFlex.
Satellite Amplifier
-Miteq, Mitec, Codam, Comstream, CPI, BUC/SSPA,HPA,  Transceiver Amp. TWTA indoor and outdoor.
Earth Station Terminal
-Vertex RSI, Prodelin, Suman, Patriot, Channel master, Size 9m, 7.6m, 4.5m, 3.8m, 3.7m, 2.4m, 1.8m and 1.2m
Test Equipment
Spectrum Analyzer, OTDR, Arc fusion splicer 30s/60s, oscilloscope, signal generator, Acterna SDA 5000/4000 Sunrise CM1000, Prodig 5 spectrum analyzer.
-SNMP, secureCRT, MRTG

My experience is to stablished satcom earth station terminal start from scrap, I have a gulf experienced also.

Thanks if you giving me an info about any satcom job opening.

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