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pointing using idirect modem

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Mar 18th, 2010 at 11:51pm  
i need to point to a satellite (is-1r) using idirect modem for the purpose of pointing only. i already have an option file that is for another satellite in it. what are the parameters i can change in the option file so i can point the dish. JUST USING THE MODEM AS A POINTING DEVICE ONLY.
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Reply #1 - Mar 19th, 2010 at 3:19pm  
Hello Femi

You have two posts asking the same question! You should never edit an options file. There is no need to edit the options file if you want to perform antenna pointing functions anyway. Start iSite, login to your modem and go to the Antenna Pointing tool; on the Look Angle Calculator tab enter the information about the satellite you are pointing towards. You can then  proceed to point and use either a voltmeter on the Tx cable or watch the graph on your PC to point. If you are pointing to a non-iDirect hub or in your case your options file is not correct for the hub you will only get voltages below 12V. Be sure to disconnect the Tx cable from the BUC during pointing operations. For more information you can refer to the iDirect Remote Installation Guide.
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Reply #2 - Mar 20th, 2010 at 8:23pm  
thanks and ur response was nice. lets assuming i am pointing to pas ir (IS-1R) and ABS1,6a can u give me a detailed guild line using the i direct modem as a pointing device only
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Eric Johnston
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Reply #3 - Mar 21st, 2010 at 5:29pm  
I think dot's instructions were quite clear and complete.

If you are pointed at PAS 1R (IS-1R) then observe the voltage and peak up.  If your options file does not match the satellite/LNB LO freq/polarisation then it will not lock but you will be able to peak up. Mark or scratch the exact az and el on your mount, measure the length of screws etc also, so you know where your started and also so you can always get back to PAS 1R (IS-1R)

If you then want to point at some new satellite calculate your look angles for PAS1R (IS-1R) and the new satellite.  Calculate the differences.  Then move the antenna by the exact differerence amounts.  If there is an elevation scale the size of the gap between the tick marks will be very accurate.  Just add or subtract the difference from your original scratch.  Azimuth may be more difficult if there is just a crude clamp.  You can wrap a strip of paper round the tube, mark and then measure the circumference.  Divide by 360 to get movement per degree.  If there is some horizontal azimuth plate where you can mark the start position at some radius (say R mm)  from the axis, do so.  The difference angle may be set out sideways.  1 deg is approx R/60 mm.    Use the iDirect voltage to peak up.  Note that the iDirect will give an indication at all intermediate satellites during the move accross.

I know you said you wanted to use an iDirect as your pointing aid.  Exactly the same result is achieved with a cheap satellite broadband power meter.

If you want your iDirect to lock to an outlink you need to find an iDirect service provider on each satellite and get options files specific to each case.  Also you need the correct LNB LO frequency and polarisation in each case.

Best regards, Eric.  
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