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Hylas-2 launch date 02-08-2012

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Jun 29th, 2012 at 9:37am  
Launch date Hylas-2, 02-08-2012

For the latest news, http://www.avantiplc.com/news/press-releases/hylas-2-launch-confirmed-2-august-2...

Avanti new Hylas-2 beam covering Europe, the Middle East (including Afghanistan & Iraq) and Africa (Egypt) from the third quarter 2012





The HYLAS 2 satellite (31E) will carry 24 active Ka-band user beams and four gateway beams, and will produce approximately 5.0 kilowatts of payload electrical power. The Ka-band spot beams will provide two-way communications services to facilitate high-speed delivery of data to end-user applications such as corporate networking, broadband Internet access, business continuity services and video distribution. Using the HYLAS 2 spacecraft, Avanti will provide its data and video services to Northern and Southern Africa, Eastern Europe and the Middle East. In addition, the spacecraft will be equipped with a steerable spot beam, also operating at Ka-band, which can provide coverage anywhere on Earth that is visible to the satellite.

For the latest news visit the Hylas-2 website click here. (hylas-2.com and hylas-2.co.uk)
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