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Tooway problems ................Agents ? / Skylogic ? or ..........

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Jul 26th, 2013 at 12:11pm  
A Tooway Avanti Hylas swap Ibiza, Spain.

Not all Tooway problems are related to agents and/or Skylogic!!!!!!!, see below.

This week we installed an Avanti Hylas system on Ibiza, Spain.


Three weeks ago the owner bought a Tooway KA-SAT system from a local Tooway dealer/installer at Ibiza with an unlimited bandwidth plan.

Because the Tooway unlimited subscription is changing and because of all the other Tooway problems he had over the last few weeks he decided this week to change it for a more stable Avanti Hylas system with an 150 GB bandwidth plan, 2 Mbps up and 10 Mbps down.

When we arrived and looked on the roof we were somewhat shocked!! (the owner had never been to the roof to check the install).


The local Tooway installer used a wall bracket – a bracket we would normally use to install a 500 gram outdoor WiFi access point – perfect for light devices but not for the purpose that it had been used for.

Brackets like this are not made to hold (heavy) VSAT satellite systems. VSAT satellite systems need a
stable and precise alignment
, especially with a 8 KG ODU on an arm!

The whole installation was very loose and easy to move with a little bit of wind.

It would appear that the installer was already aware of this and used a big rock to support the arm, (without this it would have bent and fallen off the wall).


It was even more strange because just a few meters away there was a perfect rock solid concrete platform of 50x50 cm and 25 cm thick.

We used this platform to install the new Avanti Hylas system with a professional heavy duty pole (multi usage*), we gave the owner a lifetime guarantee, if this moves, the whole house will move with it.


Of course scenarios are not only related to Tooway, we have come across a lot of installations like this when replacing systems, all done by local installers or handy men who turn into a “professional satellite installers” for one day.

Because we install satellite systems on Ibiza on a regular basis, on our next trip we will replace the bracket and rock for a provisional pole.

The good news in this particular case is; the Tooway installer did NOT charge the owner for the rock.

The bad news in this case; he has to pay for a new bracket.

* We always use multi usage poles (floor / wall) to be flexible at final install location.

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Hipolito Gonzalez
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Reply #1 - Jul 26th, 2013 at 3:01pm  
Very good post my friend. Thanks for the pictures. We the installers, we need to remember... always someone will see our install in the future. We need to do a good install, for us, for the customers, and for the others installers
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