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Surveillance over Tooway

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Mar 18th, 2015 at 12:06pm  
I am going to use Tooway terminal for video surveillance.
Possible I want to use DynDNS to track IP address of DVR.
How can I open some TCP ports that application on client side require ?
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Reply #1 - Mar 18th, 2015 at 4:12pm  
In tooway terminal, you dont need to open any port, if you dont have a public IP address(tooway pro), you will use DynDNS, and between your DVR and tooway terminal you should have a router as clien DynDNS.

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Reply #2 - Mar 19th, 2015 at 8:45am  

There is no port option on tooway modem. You need a router between the tooway modem and DVR. There is dyndns option on most of the routers. On the router you can make NAT port forwarding to your DVR. Just not to forget you need to have Pro (PDN) tooway package.

best regards,
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Hipolito Gonzalez
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Reply #3 - Jun 14th, 2015 at 6:16pm  
Yes, or you can use a VPN server allowing the port redirect.
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Reply #4 - Jun 21st, 2015 at 9:29am  
A sad story about remotely accessing devices via Tooway:

I have a customer who has local heating controller devices I need to access via port forwarding on his router and Dynamic DNS (, initially). When I started doing that in 2012, he had an ADSL with a router provided by the ISP. That router died due to lightning strikes twice, and got replaced by the ISP, but the new router would only have an option for dynamic DNS from DynDNS for 12 / month!
That ISP would of course change the end customer's IP address every 24 hours, hence the need for some dynamic DNS.
Okay, I had an older router on hand that still would allow port forwarding and to be configured on it, but some time later that one, too, got fried.

So behind the next, ISP-provided DSL router I set up a second small router that would run a free no-ip account of his own. Meanwhile I was myself running a Tooway (non pro) installation my end at that time.
After that, the frequent break-down's of the physical line for the ADSL (trees falling on the wire don't do any good), and the line speed variations from 1.5Mbit down to nothing depending on rainfall, made it look like a good idea to go to Tooway.
Everything worked fine, including port forwarding, in spite of the double sat link delays, both ends of the link being Tooway sites.

Then at some date, suddenly the port forwarding stopped working. There had apparently been a loophole that allowed to use port forwarding between two Tooway sites up to then, while the filtering at Skylogic happened on the boundary between Skylogic and the outside, terrestrial Internet world.

Okay, So next I moved my client over to Astra2connect on Ka-Band, which has all ports open for redirection, as I was told. And yes, that worked fine for two months or so, although comparatively the Astra2Connect link speeds where underwhelming compared to Tooway.
Good side-effect though: due to the ISP chosen, UK-based Europasat, the British expat customer would have UK-based IP address, which made his internet activity easier. (bank access, etc)

After these two months of successful operations, no way to find out why the remote access to redirected machines suddenly would not work anymore. The supplier of the Astra2connect kit was Europasat in the UK.

The intermediate solution to work around that was a reverse-http capable data logging box, but very slow. 

I got told that for incoming, redirected IP traffic on Tooway, my customer would need a pro account. Okay then, cameras and alarms would have to be installed next, and also needed that function, so.. well.. the customer agreed on paying much more, basically for a service he already had, on and off. Back to a Tooway dish., opposite side of the house again, but wow, no new holes to drill - they were still there.

But seen from my end, still nothing worked as it did in 2012, port forwarding was correctly configured, but nothing worked. Called Europasat support: they could see my box! but from a BT land-based Internet connection. Why would I not see it from my home (Tooway) install?
"It's a known issue - contact your local Tooway provider" they told me at Europasat, who, I have to add, have the most competent and responsive tech support I have seen on sat internet products.

Guess what my ISP (Sat2way) tells me? you, too, need a pro account for this to work (I only have outgoing IP traffic to the redirected end devices!).. Okaaay then, me, too, I'll pay around 80 per month now, for a function that I initially had from day one!

End of the story is: as an end user of any ISP, not only sat-based, you get contract modifications put upon you over time that you can't go against, just like the initially "unlimited" accounts that are now locked in a closed "get the bandwidth you can"- paddock.

I don't think that we're going to see lawsuits against ISP's for such actions any time in the near future, like it is the case for AT&T in the US now.

Happy surfing and installing to all of you
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