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For Sale: Hughes Network Systems Hub with Spares

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Ex Member

Oct 7th, 2016 at 5:53am  
Cinetcomm is selling a working Hughes Network Systems Hub with full complement of new in-box spare line cards and chassis components.  Was removed from service in 2011, shut down and stored in 2013.

The hub is mounted in 2 72" tall racks as engineered for install.  Hub configuration, pictures, spares listings are available by request. 

Here is the Hub equipment line-up:

Rack L001      
Hughes Network System      
Front Plate      P/N 1007287-0201
     S/N 102298-05
VICOR VI-9027      P/N 1007541-0001F
     S/N 9824-1108
     P/N 1007541-0001F
     S/N 9824-1143
DTM1017085 (Slot 1)      P/N 1017085-0001
     S/N 1533
DCM Module 1007748 (Slot 3)      P/N 1007748-0019
     S/N 4518 (Back)
     S/N E9712-1350 (Front)
DTM1017085 (Slot 4)      P/N 1017085-0001
     S/N 1603
DCM Module 1007748 (Slot 6)      P/N 1007748-0019
     S/N 4520 (Back)
     S/N E9712-1352 (Front)
DTM1017085 (Slot 7)      P/N 1017085-0001
     S/N 1547
DCM Module 1007748 (Slot 9)      P/N 1007748-0019
     S/N 4505 (Back)
     S/N E9712-1342 (Front)
VICOR VI-9027      P/N 1007541-0001F
     S/N 9824-1099
     P/N 1007541-0001F
     S/N 9841-1029
McClean C-1180 Fan      S/N 9828933815
     P/N 1005605-0014
Hughes 9100 UMOD      P/N 1022976-0001
     S/N 905
Hughes 9100 UMOD      P/N 1022976-0001
     S/N 886
Bus Repeater Module 1007384 (Slot 1)      P/N 1007384-0010
     S/N 2863
SFM 1017720-0001 (Slot 3)      P/N 1017719-0001
     S/N 1958
Onboard Card      P/N 1017723-0001
     S/N 1994
Bus Repeater Term. Card (Slot 4)      P/N 1007776-0011
     S/N 1275
SFM 1017720-0001 (Slot 5)      P/N 1017720-0001
     S/N 1951
Onboard Card      P/N 1017723-0001
     S/N 1973
Bus Repeater Term. Card (Slot 6)      P/N 1007776-0011
     S/N 1174
SFM 1017720-0001 (Slot 7)      P/N 1017720-0001
     S/N 1901
Onboard Card      P/N 1017723-0001
     S/N 1907
Bus Repeater Module 1007384 (Slot 8)      P/N 1007384-0010
     S/N 3937
SFM 1017720-0001 (Slot 10)      P/N 1017720-0001
     S/N 1935
Onboard Card      P/N 1017723-0001
     S/N 1907

Rack L002      
Hughes Network System      
Blower Monitor/Alarm Panel      P/N 1011243-0001
     S/N 504
COMM HUB #1      P/N 1005858-0207
     S/N 071098-11
VICOR VI-9027      P/N 1007541-0001F
     S/N 9824-1106
COMM HUB #2      P/N 1005858-0207
     S/N 10-28-98-02
VICOR VI-9027      P/N 1007541-0001F
     S/N 9825-1000
     P/N 1007541-0001F
     S/N 9823-1069
GPU2 Motherboard (Slot 1)      P/N 1016566-0012
     S/N S21645
Turbo PE Daughter-card      P/N 1015469-0002
     S/N K22170
GPU2 Motherboard (Slot 2)      P/N 1016566-0012
     S/N S21641
Turbo PE Daughter-card      P/N 1015469-0002
     S/N K22160
GPU2 Motherboard (Slot 11)      P/N 1016566-0012
     S/N S22137
Turbo PE Daughter-card      P/N 1015469-0002
     S/N 22256
GPU2 Motherboard (Slot 12)      P/N 1016566-0012
     S/N S22150
Turbo PE Daughter-card      P/N 1015469-0002
     S/N 22230
McLean Fan C-1180      P/N 1005605-0014
     S/N 9828933800
NCC Backup      MCN 3002105-0001
     S/N A581222
NCC Backup      MCN 3002105-0001
     S/N AD81236
COMM HUB #2      
BRC-II (Slot BRC-B)      P/N 1021074-0003
     S/N 2488
HUGHES LANscape (Slot 12)      P/N 1013908-0002
     S/N 4204
HUGHES LANscape (Slot 11)      P/N 1013908-0002
     S/N 4212
HUGHES LANscape (Slot 2)      P/N 1013908-0002
     S/N 4189
HUGHES LANscape (Slot 1)      P/N 1013908-0002
     S/N 4192
BRC-II (Slot BRC-B)      P/N 1021074-0003
     S/N 2548
There is an additional ATI router on a shelf in the back of the rack.      

Located in Los Angeles, CA.  No reasonable offer refused.
Serious inquiries only please.
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