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How fast can you communicate London to New York.

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Eric Johnston
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Sep 19th, 2019 at 6:41pm  
I found a reference to Hibernia Express, a new transatlantic cable, able to reduce the transit time to under 60ms for the distance London-New York of 5572km.  This was to gain financial advantage in trading, supposedly worth £63 million per year per mS.

I appreciate that GEO orbits path lengths have long ruled out GEO satellite as a competitor but I was wondering about using a constellation of interlinked LEO satellites with 47 deg inclination at a height of say 300km, with a couple of O3b type VSATs on an office block at each end.

I was hoping that allowing say 600km (2mS) for the slant paths for the first and last satellite, plus 6 lots of 1000km for the intermediate links (8 x 3.3mS). Making total of 9200 km or 31 mS.


Can anyone check the orbit idea and the maths and say if it shows any promise, please ?

I have tried to invent a constellation, possibly 36 orbit planes with 16 satellites in each plane. Any ideas as to how many satellites are needed to keep about 8 or 9 of them in an approximate line with mutual visibility across the north atlantic ?

Best regards, Eric.
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