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Eric Johnston. Professional engineer with particular expertise in satellite communications, experienced and enthusiastic.

SKILLS: Making sure that satellite communications systems work properly.



Aug 1992 to date: Satellite Communications Engineer

As Director, Satellite Signals Ltd., I have undertaken a number of contracts with the objectives of providing technical services in the satellite communications field. Up to five people have been employed.

Main Achievements:
VSAT hub equipment installation, 6m antenna structural alignment and RF testing (France).
Testing of approx 1500 VSAT terminal equipments. Factory test procedures, satellite simulator work and equipment repair.
VSAT hub configuration, alignment, testing etc.  USA, UK, France, India.
Commissioning and testing of 13m Ku antenna for EBU TV (Klin, CIS)
Commissioning and testing of 4.5m Ku antenna with 2Mbit/s (UK).
Commissioning and testing of 4.5m C band antenna with 64kbit/s (Oman).
Commissioning and testing of 4.5m Ku antenna with 8Mbit/s digital TV (Bosnia-Herzegovina).
Commissioning and testing of 4.5m Ku antenna with analogue TV (Spiddal, Ireland).
Commissioning and testing of 4.5m C band antenna with 2Mbit/s (Baku, Azerbaijan).
Commissioning and testing of 9m C band antenna with 2 Mbit/s (Moscow, CIS).
Commissioning and testing of 7m C band antenna with 8 Mbit/s TV (Moscow, CIS).
Commissioning and testing of 7m Ku antenna for VSAT hub (Griesheim, Germany).
Commissioning and testing of 6m Ku antenna for data (Hannover, Germany).
Commissioning and testing of 6m Ku and 9m C band antennas at Basingstoke (UK)
Satellite VSAT video conferencing demonstration Selfridges to/from Kings Langley
Satellite system design, preparation of new ITU/IFRB satellite orbit registrations and intersystem co-ordination negotiations.
Studies regarding efficient use of the orbit and implications of very small aperture terminals (VSATs) for Eutelsat.
R&D contract involving simultaneous propagation measurements from three Indian Ocean Region satellites plus subsequent data analysis for INTELSAT.
Operation of VSAT hub and music/adverts broadcast network.

1990 - 1992 Project manager - INMARSAT Mobile Satellite Projects

Key Objectives / Responsibilities
To meet the requirements of the marketing people I was required to develop formal project proposals, obtain authority, write specifications, seek tenders, place contracts, install and test the equipment, train operators, provide documentation and hand over working systems to the operations department.

Main Achievements:
I successfully implemented a new precision navigational data service, typically used by survey ships. This was done on time and within budget. The service met its quality objectives. Effect: High customer satisfaction with prospects for growth and new orders.

1988 - 1990 Earth Station Technical Support Manager

Key objectives / Responsibilities:
Provision of advice and assistance on technical matters related to earth station provision, operation and maintenance giving particular attention to antenna testing, interference and implementation of new technologies.

Main Achievements:
Invented and implemented a TV cross-polarisation interference canceller. Effect: Doubled a transatlantic satellite transponder TV channel capacity and increased revenue by approx 300,000 per annum. (1988 onwards)
Achieved microwave transmission on optical fibres (1989). Effect: Savings on earth station cross-site links, better service performance monitoring and more flexibility in the future.

1985 - 1987 Earth Station Research and Development and Technical Support

Key objectives / Responsibilities:
To provide technical support on antenna and propagation matters. Advice and assistance with antenna testing. To sponsor relevant R&D topics with universities, industry and Research Labs as appropriate. To gain experience in commercial matters - contracts and intellectual property.

Main Achievements:
I bid for and won 3 year low elevation propagation measurement contract for INTELSAT (against 15 other bidders). Effect: Important implications for new Ku band services to Japan and Far East direct from the UK. Revenue: $500,000 (1987 - 1991)
Beam squint feed tracking development patented. IEE prize for innovation. (1987). Effect: Licence revenue:   GBP 11000.
Bid for and won INMARSAT contract relating to scintillation effects in the Middle East. (1987)
Novel antenna modelling programme 'ANTMOD' sponsored. (1986). Effect: Ability to evaluate manufacturers' proposals. Trademarked.
Invented novel antenna feed / subreflector positioner. (1987) Now patented.

1978 - 1984 Satellite systems engineer

Key objectives / Responsibilities:
Satellite system design. UK representative in INTELSAT Board of Governors Technical Committee (BG/T).

Main Achievements:
Prepared numerous studies, briefs & UK papers between 1978-1982. Served as UK representative for two years (1982-1984) in BG/T committee.
Pursued the idea of sending TV audio as a subcarrier on FM/TV transmissions. Conducted TV+audio experiments and eventually an INTELSAT audio subcarrier specification was agreed. Effect: Simplification of TV audio for all earth stations since separate audio carrier no longer required.
Achieved reduced size Standard A earth stations. Effect: Cost savings for earth station users.
Initiated the first ever home TV distribution by satellite in Europe (Sky Channel) using INTELSAT V West Spot beam and small receive only antennas. Effect: New commercial product/service created. Rapid expansion followed by Eutelsat and SES-Astra etc.
Responsible for UNISAT system design studies (but not for the choice of modulation method, power and beam coverage selected by the customer.) (1983) (UNISAT was a business service and TV satellite which was partly built for the BBC by BAe and MSDS).
Developed computer programme for drawing maps of the world with satellite antenna beams superimposed from any viewpoint.
Demonstrated the feasibility of VSAT services in 1979.  Effect: no one took any notice!
System design studies and bid evaluation for INTELSAT VI.
Prepared satellite plans for all countries for a WARC.
Active IEE member and Chairman of Professional Group PG-E9. Organised numerous colloquia and was the initiator of the University of Surrey IEE Satellite Communications Summer School which has been repeated annually to date. Presented various papers.

1975 - 1977 Transmission & Switching provision and maintenance engineer

Key objectives / Responsibilities:
Equipment specifications. Floor layout designs. Maintenance procedures. Quality of service and man-hour statistics.

Main Achievements:
Specification of first UK competitive international procurement of switching equipment. Effect: First time purchase of switching equipment from overseas (Ericsson, Sweden). There were major cost savings with the new very much higher reliability equipment.
Achieved major service quality improvement at two international switching centres using new computer techniques to detect faulty circuits in service. Effect: Daily average availability increased from 50% to 95%.
Implemented new cost effective echo suppresser routines worldwide with CCITT involvement. Effect: Lower maintenance costs and improved service quality worldwide.
Planned layouts and operational procedures for two repeater stations and maintenance centres.

1969 - 1974 Line Planning

Key objectives / Responsibilities:
To plan transmission equipment and route quantity requirements for international links between London and coast stations.

Main Achievements:
I accurately forecast growth 5 years ahead and as a result there was sufficient capacity to meet the period of unprecedented international traffic growth in the mid 1970s. Effect: London firmly retained its role as a prime centre of international communications.


School: 9 'O' & 4 'A' levels.
Degrees/Diplomas Attained: BSc(Eng).
Membership of Professional Bodies: CEng MIEE FBIS.

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