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Galleywood Common

Deptford Pinks (Dianthus Armeria) 2010 - 2016

Six years ago, 2010, there was just one plant.  Four years ago (2012) there were two plants. Two years ago (2014), about six flowering plants were noted along the verge by the Church, one towards the main road end and the rest near the allotments.  Of these, at least four produced several hundred seeds.  Hidden amongst tall grass the ones nearest the road survived well. After disturbance of the verge by diggers and heavy vehicles many green low level seedlings sprung up along verge in mid 2015.  Interestingly a strimmer was used to clear the verge and it missed the tops of the low level first year leaves (about 1 inch) and had no effect, as they were not going to produce tall shoots and flower in year 1 (2015) anyway. The strimmer fortuitously cleared many of the taller weeds so maybe it had a beneficial effect!. This spring (2016) many of the first year plants have survived and are now in their second year of their biennial (2 year cycle) and producing quite different foliage in the form of tall shoots (potentially up to 3ft tall) which will hopefully get to flower and seed unless prematurely tidied up by "verge maintenance". Such are the trials and tribulations of being a wild flower!

Dianthus Armeria

5th May 2016: Discovered this morning. The first three flowers of this spring. Two are shown. They are small pink flowers, about 1/4 inch diameter. Many more to come, and hopefully more brightly colouredl than these first rather miserable washed out specimens!

Deptford Pinks (Dianthus Armeria)

23 May 2016:  Now 10 flowers, all on the same plant. Not all are visible in this picture.

14th July 2016.  This picture above taken outside the allotments on Galleywood Common. Exposure value -2, otherwise the flowers are overexposed. Just hoping that no one thinks is good idea to clean up all the verges with a strimmer... Total flowers (not plants) approx 10 times what shown here, i.e. approx 2000 flowers. About half the total plants, in a more shaded location to the south side of the allotment gates, are not yet flowering. There are about 10 further plants flowering now, along the hedge close to the road junction, with about 5 to 30 flowers per plant, embedded in long grass.

Snow scenes 2003

Snow scene on Galleywood Common

Track beside Helix garage leading towards Galleywood Church

Snow scene on Galleywood Common

Snow scene

Frozen pond on Galleywood Common

Snow scene

Snow scene

Snow scenes at Galleywood Common 31st Jan 2003.   I went for a walk with our dog Bosie early on and took these pictures:

Bracket fungi

Fungi growing on dead trees at Galleywood Common 6 December 2004.

Bracket fungii growing on dead tree at Galleywood Common

Bracket fungii

Bracket fungii

.Bracket fungii

Bracket fungii

Bracket fungii

Bracket fungii

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