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IPNet JSC, based in Moscow, is a Russian national satellite services provider, systems integrator and network operator of Hughes Network Systems in Russia and NIS countries.

They have an intensive expanding network of Value Added Resellers in Russian regions and NIS countries and invite potential partners, ISPs to apply to become our VARs, reseller or clients by sending an e-mail to  Web site:   russian=

The Moscow Hub, located  at Science Park of the Moscow State University, offers a full range of services based on the latest DW 7x00 technology by Hughes. They offer broadband internet access, IP-VPN, back-up services, VoIP and other services to corporate and consumer users everywhere in the regions covered by the new Yamal-200 satellite.

New Yamal-200 satellite coverage ALL Russia plus many more countries to the south and south west, from orbit position 49 deg east longitude.

BusinessCom | Internet via Satellite services for the Russia region
for SOHO, Enterprise, Internet Cafe and Calling Centers, Wireless ISP and Hot Spots, VoIP Termination Carriers and more..

No FAP, no throttling, no hidden fees, smart bandwidth management, dedicated technical support and personalized service - this is what BusinessCom services are. Features include:

. iDirect, LinkStar, DVB-S2, SCPC and FR platforms - shared and dedicated links of any possible configuration
. Ready to support business-class VoIP and Videoconferencing, VPN (IPSec), Mesh topology and more..
. Individual QoS setup per each VSAT system to make sure your own applications traffic are prioritized
. SLA with 98.2%+ annual network uptime guaranteed and more
. Immediate Spare Parts Replacement Warranty option, in-country Installation and Maintenance options
. Ability to connect with your own equipment, flexible migration deals, APO delivery... and more!
. Free VoIP phone and calls to the USA.

Contact us: to inquire for more information and prices...

Coverage of the whole region:

Regions and Countries covered (but not limited to): All ex-USSR (CIS), including Ukraine, Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Moldova; Middle East, including Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon; All Asia, including: Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Thaliand.

BusinessCom currently provides it's services from Telstar-10, NSS-7 and NSS-10 (AMC-12) in C-Band and Telstar-12, NSS-6, AM-22, BADR-4, W6 and other satellites in Ku-Band. more details

SATGATE one-way download beam for Western Asia

One-way satellite broadband download is available for private use, for companies, and institutions for the whole of Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, north west Iran, Cyprus, Israel, Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq.

One way satellite internet requires you to have a dial up telephone modem for slow internet access plus a receive only satellite dish connected to a DVB card in your PC for high speed internet downloads.  The satellite dish requires an LNB, the same as that used for satellite TV reception.

You do not require a transmit licence.

Contact Satgate, Kaliningrad, Russia.

Phone: +7 (4012) 573-073


EurasiaSat 1 (Turksat 2A)

For more details go to

SATGATE Two-way satellite service using Yamal 200 coverage

Satgate offer an interesting variety of tariffs to match the smallest to the largest customer requirements.

Pre-paid per Gbyte, (128k - 1024k), is ideal for users desiring to pay for the limited amount of traffic received with the guaranteed bandwidth. The tariff varies during the day and savings may be achieved by avoiding big downloads during the peak periods.
Low monthly tariff (max 256 - 768k) is Web surfing and participation in the interactive chats, communicate to other people using ICQ, MSN and the like but without guaranteed bit rates.
Higher monthly tariffs are suited to clients who need a rapid download of large data volumes. Guaranteed continuous information rate (CIR) is offered between 8 - 256k, with bursting to maximums of 256k - 2048k.
Traffic packet based tariffs at 1024 and 20048k are offered, suitable for occasional network back up purposes.
Dedicated CIR rates are available for larger business and ISP backbone connections.

Contact Satgate, Kaliningrad, Russia.

Phone: +7 (4012) 573-073   Web:

Yamal 200 satellite beam coverage map of Russia and Asia area

BusinessCom : Internet via Satellite

SCPC, DVB, DVB-RCS and D-TDMA Enterprise Connectivity Solutions.

D-TDMA services for Internet Cafe, Calling Centre and ISP business from 64 kbit/s up to 4 Mbit/s with SLA Quality Guarantee, QoS, business-class Voice over IP and Videoconferencing support. 98.2% annual network uptime.

Professional backbone connectivity to UUNet, Level(3), TeliaSonera with prices at 1200 US$ per 1 Mbit/s CIR. 99.95% annual network uptime. Available everywhere within our coverage map.

Contact us at

Regions and Countries covered (but not limited to): All ex-USSR (CIS), including Ukraine, Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Moldova, East Germany, Croatia, Serbia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Romania, Refer to the coverage map for the availability in your region.

Various technologies including ViaSat and iDirect

Indian Ocean coverage region

Lamit Company

Broadband Satellite Internet Services, in Romania, Europe and the Middle East, with bandwidths ranging from 512 Kbps up to 2048 Kbps (Home, Business and Corporate) and Dedicated bandwidths of up to 8192 Kbps. The type of connections, adapt to any building, without the need of additional cabling (beside the existing one), as the data is transmitted by WiFi (wireless) or existing telephone lines.
Beside this, by using the Wi-Fi technology, you facilitate the building and implementation of new network sections, either in choosing to become a small ISP, or owning a corporate network. We also offer the latest technology, in early warning system for earthquakes.


More details: internet prin satelit by Lamit Co Romania

The customer premise terminal (CPT) or satellite interactive terminal (SIT) comprises a sat antenna dish, similar to satelite TV, together with an indoor box unit.   Ethernet cable or USB cable links one or more local PCs.    The arrangement is suitable for both home use and for small office applications.

The radio modules on the front of the dish receive the out link (or downlink) using a conventional sat. television LNB (low noise block down converter) and transmit the return link (or uplink) data using an outdoor transmit block up converter (BUC). The wireless service is always-on direct access and not dependant on dial up or ADSL lines.

The hub dish is where the VSAT Operator and ISP providers are located with a very high speed digital backbone for worldwide networking connection.

Ku band refers to 11-12 and 14 GHz operation. C band (4/6 GHz) needs generally larger customer antennas but suffers less from heavy rain fading in the tropics.

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