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Internet in Motion

Connect to the internet via terrestrial radio 3G high speed cellular networks.

Internet in Motion™ provides a transparent interface to the 3 major cellular carriers, Sprint, Verizon and Cingular.   Within the coverage areas current speeds range from 65kbs to 100+kbs.  Higher speeds are expected in the future.

Internet In Motion is a mobile internet solution for Motor Coaches, 5th Wheels, Conversion Vans, Travel Trailers, Sailboats, Yachts, and Public Safety vehicles. On the road or on the lake, in the campground or at the dock, Internet In Motion is fast. It's up to eight times faster than dial-up, with more power, more range and more versatility than an Aircard, and unlike Satellite systems, which need to be stationary, Internet In Motion keeps you connected while you are on the move.

Uses include listening to radio stations, using the live travel mapping system available from Google Maps, make and receiving a VOIP phone call, sending and receiving Emails or surfing the web.

For the business professional, Internet In Motion provides business level connectivity where you need it, even at tradeshows.

Rich Luhr, Editor & Publisher of Airstream Life magazine writes in a product review:

"The performance I see (speed, reliability, usability, etc) justifies the proposed retail price ... in my opinion, for a user who views Internet access as a "must-have" service. It's far cheaper than satellite (and easier to set up), and much faster and easier to use than a cell phone cabled to a computer. I would expect that the price will come down in the next year also, in line with other technology."

"The "always on" aspect is a HUGE asset and I would stress this to potential buyers. We typically use it many times each day simply because we can, even from the truck while towing. It is an addictive product."

"I still view it as a niche product, because casual Internet users will still take advantage of campground wi-fi, dial-up and free hotspots like Panera Bread. You won't sell thousands of these but those who do buy it will find it a valuable tool and, like me, wonder how they got around without it."

"I think the clearest endorsement I can make is to simply say, you won't get this one back from me until you pry it out of my cold dead hands! ;-) Yes, it's that good."

You can call them TOLL FREE: 866-715-2272 (please mention to setup a LIVE product demo, dealer training, order brochures, and dealer kits or  visit their web site at

Comprehensive Communications Systems Corp, 222 N. Hicks Place, Palatine, IL 60067

Some of the Information and the image above are derived from Comprehensive Communications Systems Corp, with their kind permission.

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