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Commercial and Government Satcom solutions from Lepton Global

Lepton Global Solutions provides customized, cost-effective, end-to-end satellite communications solutions for both military and commercial customers. These include fixed VSAT networks, rapid deploy and on-the-move systems.

Solutions are for all world regions, making use of many different satellite beams and bringing together resources from a number of different suppliers, appropriate to the customer requirements. These include iDirect (for VSAT hub and remote modems), AVL Technologies and Cobham SeaTel for antennas, Intelsat, plus specialist companies helping with networking and secure communications.

Fixed VSAT operations involve antennas from 1.2m to 3.8m and frequency bands C, X, Ku and Ka band. Deployable terminals start at 65cm diameter.

Eutelsat 70B Ku band Widebeam

The figure above shows an example coverage, in this case Eutelsat 70B Ku band Widebeam at 70.5 east orbit position, suitable for service in North Africa, Europe and the Middle.   For full details go to the Lepton Global web site where many detailed EIRP or G/T contours are available on interactive maps where you may set your location and determine dish pointing angles.  Their web site includes additionally coverages for North and South America, Asia and South East Asia.

Satellites used include SATMEX 8 ( Eutelsat 117), Horizons 1 (Galaxy 13),  Telstar 12 (Orion 2), Apstar 7,Eutelsat 70B (W5A), NSS12, Intelsat 10 (PAS 10), NSS12,  NSS7, TELSTAR 11N and Intelsat 10-02.

Contact details:


Phone: 571-313-1256  Fax: 855-642-6522

8381 Old Courthouse Road, Suite 200, Vienna, VA 22182

This review pages is the result of an email request by Lepton Global and information derived from their web site. The information above is for information only and is not a paid-for advertisement.

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