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Satellite internet service providers in USA, Caribbean and Latin America VSAT installers in Africa

VSAT satellite dish installers in USA, Carribean, Central and Latin America.

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VSAT installations in Venezuela, North of South America, Central America and Caribbean Islands.

MOVIL (58) 424-386793   (58) 426-9053415
SKYPE: sat9063

C band VSAT with circular polarisation

Ricardo Cann, Satellite Operations / VSAT Engineer (Jamaica, Caribbean and Pacific Islands, Central and Latin America).

Site Surveys and Link Budgets for over 35 VSAT Sites to connect rural schools in Jamaica and Trinidad to the Internet Backbone and access to Ministry of Education servers.

VSAT Installations for Disaster Relief Agencies in Jamaica and the Eastern Caribbean Islands.

Site Surveys, Civil Works and complete VSAT Installations for the Spanish and South African Embassies in the Caribbean and South Pacific.

VSAT Site Installations in the Caribbean for VISA Card Services through Hughes Network Systems.

Coordinated numerous VSAT Site activations working with various HUB Operators and ISPs.

Contact:   Jamaica: 876-292-8723    USA: 239-384-7133   Skype: ricky.cann

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Ronald Herrera : Gerente General Grupo HZ (Panama, Central and Latin America)

We do VSAT installations for Central and Latin America, both Ku and C Band.

We participate on installation of more than 400 installations for government in Panama, installation for Digicel, Ufinet (Union Fenosa), BT Latam, and we provide service for several customers.

Movil:  (507) 66776437    Ofic: (507) 933-0775 ext 104

VSAT installation




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Please tell me about more people in the USA, Caribbean, Central and Latin America. who can do VSAT installation work.

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