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Latitude and longitude coordinates for locations in and around Atlanta, Georgia.

Centre the map around

Instructions for using this lat - long finder.

Put your mouse cursor at the wanted location and double click or just drag the map.  The map display will move so that the selected point is in the centre. The latitude and longitude of the centre of the map is then shown below the map.  You ay also use keyboard arrow keys and the +/-0 keys.

Alternatively type the postal ZIP code or location name into the box above.  30303 is an example.  Type the ZIP code or location, like Tucker.

To refine the accuracy, click on the plus sign in the navigation boxes at the left side of the map.  The scale will magnify so that you can home in accurately on your location. Repeat. Choose the Satellite or Hybrid map version to see the satellite photo image of the ground and buildings.

Note that the geocoding of place names may take you to a same name place in another town, state or country.  Add extra words like Atlanta, Georgia or USA if necessary to avoid ambiguity.

Disclaimer and Safety Warning:

The results of this page may be in error,  The latitude and longitude are not intended for the blind navigation of aircraft, ship or other vehicle purposes.   Use is entirely at your own risk.  Apply common sense and don't believe every number that comes out of a computer system.   Latitude and longitude may not be accurate.  Use paper maps or GPS receiver as an alternative.

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