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Satellite maps: geostationary orbit views from 60 to 110 deg east longitude

View point height = 35786 km above the equator.  Sub satellite point is on the equator at the same longitude as the satellite.  Elevation angle to the satellite is zero at the map edge.

The orbit range between 57 deg east and 66 deg east is particularly important as satellites in this arc provide single hop connectivity between Europe (UK, France, Spain, Germany), Africa (South Africa), North East Asia (Japan, China) and south East Asia (Australia, Indonesia).

Satellite map: View from Intelsat satellite Intelsat at 60 deg east orbit longitude, Indian Ocean Region, IOR
View from above 60 deg longitude
Satellite map: Raduga 1-6 and Eutelsat W5
View from above 70 deg east longitude
Express AM-2 satellite orbit position
View from above 80 deg east longitude
View from Yamal 1 02 and Yamal 201 satellite
View from above 90 deg east longitude
Asiasat 2 satellite map
View from above 100 deg east longitude
Satellite location for: B-SAT 1B, B-SAT 2A, B-SAT 2C, JC-SAT 1 and NSAT-110
View from above 110 deg east longitude

Links:  Details of beam coverage maps for particular  satellites for the Middle East and satellites for Asia and Australia

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