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Find a satellite image photo of your home

Please read these instructions to find a satellite photo image of your home town:

Put your mouse cursor near your location, click down and drag to the middle.

Alternatively, type the name of your location here:
Centre the map around

Now enlarge the map scale by using the + sign at the  side of the map or Double Click on the map, or use two fingers.

Repeat the process of enlarging or dragging to centre the map as necessary.

Choose the Satellite view or Map view.

In Satellite View you have the option of text Labels displayed or not.

In Map View you have the option of Terrain display which shows height contour lines as you get closer. For terrain height at specific places go to  terrain height of the ground

Look for your town or house.  Try for the maximum possible expansion of the satellite image photo. In many cases, where higher resolution images exist, it is possible to see cars, in good lighting and clear sky.

The images here on this website provide you with a free aerial view of property. There is a cost however to Google and they are going to start charging in June 2018, but the good news is that they will provide a free allowance per day and hopefully I will not exceed the limit.

The Google satellite map database already includes some more detailed mapping information such as town, road and street maps for the US, UK, Ireland, Europe and Japan.  In these cases you can use the detailed road and street maps to home in on your location.

Search for some selected examples of satellite remote-sensing/satellite imagery, such as satellite photos taken from Landsat. See Landsat for satellite images in the infrared, water vapour and visible spectrum images for weather purposes.

For reference purposed the latitude and longitude coordinates of the centre of the map are shown below the map.  Look carefully at the centre and you should see the flashing pixel centre marker.

These free aerial photo maps come from a free satellite image database by Google and will continue while they are freely available. Satellite imagery is expensive to obtain and is normally charged for, particularly the higher resolution imagery which shows your house and home or even your car parked in the street outside your house. If you do the satellite view of some major cities you will see example satellite view images where you can see cars. I've even managed to see the shadow behind my dad's gravestone in the cemetery in Manchester, UK.

Live satellite images of this kind of resolution are not available, but semi-live satellite imagery from geostationary height is available for weather forecast purposes.

Latitude is North - South ( up and down ! ).  Longitude is West - East ( sideways ! ).  Note zero on the equator and positive in the northern hemisphere and negative in the southern hemisphere.  Longitude is zero on the prime meridian - home of Greenwich Mean Time and is positive to the east, across Europe and Asia, and negative to the west, across the Atlantic and the Americas.

Read about the history of latitude and longitude from the English perspective.

An alternative, from the French viewpoint.  

Page created 13th December, amended 12th Sept 2006 incorporating Google API Version 2 javascript software. I have reduced the number of markers for countries where there are now more details for France, Espana, Portugal, Deutchland, Nederland, Danmark, Belgium Belgique, Italie, Hungary, Switzerland, Austria, Sverige, Norge, Suomi Finland, Polska and Serbia Montenegro.  Only the USA, Canada, UK, Japan and Hong Kong previously had details to go with the satellite photos.

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