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Instructions for people looking for a free Street Map in the UK, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England

Put your cursor near your wanted location and then click or drag the map.  The map image will move so that the chosen point is in the centre.

Alternatively type into the geocoder box below address information like the road or street name. e.g.  Pembroke Road Liverpool, Kings Cross London.  Regarding postcodes, it is possible that only the first part will work to give an approximate location, e.g. SE1, London WC1A, RG26, CM3. Full post codes are working however, at least for some places, so please try them.

For street map London, just type "London".  If you get the wrong street or road (or wrong country!) try adding the county e.g. Chelmsford Essex or Hastings East Sussex UK.. The page with the street map should print out OK if required.

To increase or decrease the scale resolution, click on the plus (+) or minus (-) sign at the left side of the map.  The scale changes so that you can home in accurately on the wanted city, town, road or street map location.  Repeat several times.  Select Map, Satellite or Terrain version and see the satellite photo image of the ground or even a view of your own house as seen from space !

The latitude and longitude of the dot at the centre of the map is displayed below the map, together with the Ordnance Survey Grid Reference OSGB.

Alternative, similar web based street map viewers are which specialises in street maps for the U.K. and  which provides worldwide mapping coverage.   This page is based on the Google maps API. 

If you see a little orange man in the top left this means that Google Street view will work, Drag over the location  and see what the Google camera saw when it was driven along the roads highlighted in blue. Expand to a large scale before using Street View. To get out of Street View click the white X in the top right hand corner of the picture.

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Conversion of lat long coordinates to OSGB Grid reference was added June 2007.  The abbreviation OSGB is Copyright Ordnance Survey.

When this page first appears above, the scale is such that a number of UK and Eire towns and cities are already displayed: In Eire and Northern Ireland: Belfast, Dublin, Limerick and Cork. In Scotland: Aberdeen, Dundee and Glasgow.  In England: Hartlepool, Leeds, Preston, Grimsby, Manchester, Rotherham, Leicester, Birmingham, Peterborough, Northampton, Bristol, Swindon, Colchester, Plymouth, Exeter, Portsmouth and Brighton.  In Wales: Cardiff.  As you expand the scale then more road maps and ultimately local street maps appear.  Town, village and street map names appear also. The satellite imagery is copyright (c) Tele Atlas.

If you want to navigate a route between two places in the UK, such as driving directions, cycle routing or walking route then follow the link at the top of this page

Many thanks to Patrick who pointed out that Hastings is in East Sussex, not Kent !.  My mistake !

Upgraded to Google API V3 Javascript mapping software in Feb 2011.

This streetmap page is on the web site and is strictly Copyright Satellite Signals Limited (c) 2006 All rights reserved.  Feedback on technical errors or problems with this page please to me at  Thank you. During the past 6 years we have successfully corrected several instances of road or street names being incorrect, in the wrong place etc.

Page started 1 June 2006,  amended 2 August 2015, amended HTML5 26 April 2018