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Instructions for people looking for a Street View in the UK, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England

Put your mouse cursor near the wanted location and then double click or simply drag the map.  The map image will move so that the chosen point is in the centre.

Alternatively type into the geocoder box below address information like the road or street name. e.g. Tottenham Court Road, London; Princes Street, Edinburgh.  Regarding postcodes, only the first part works to give an approximate location, e.g. SE1, London WC1A, RG26, CM3 etc

For street view in Manchester, just type "manchester" and then enlarge, looking for the street you want.  If you get the wrong street or road (or wrong country!) try adding the county e.g. Blackpool, Lancashire or Falmouth, Cornwall UK.

To increase or decrease the scale resolution, click on the plus (+) or minus (-) sign at the side.  The scale changes so that you can home in accurately on the wanted street or street view location.  Repeat several times. 

When you are ready click on the orange man in the upper left and drag over the map to the blue road where the camera for the street view has visited.

Orient the street view image using the panning control and compass circle in the upper left. Experiment till you learn how to use it.

To get back from the street view use the X in the upper right of the street view image. Do this if you want to reuse the geocoder text input box above; it only works in map mode.

The latitude and longitude of the dot at the centre of the map is displayed, together with the Ordnance Survey Grid Reference OSGB.

This page is based on the Google maps API V3 and the street view images have been taken by Google camera. Please choose these pages if appropriate:  Latitude and longitude finder

Satellite dish pointing UK

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If you are going on holiday I suggest you find your hotel and then view the hotel as seen from the road and also browse around the nearby streets to get some idea of what the area is like. This page will work abroad in places where the Google camera cars have travelled and taken photos of the views as seen from the road.


Conversion of lat long coordinates to OSGB Grid reference was added June 2007.  The abbreviation OSGB is Copyright Ordnance Survey. Credit goes to  Chris Venes for the latitude-longitude to OSGB grid reference transformation algorithm ref: who owns the Copyright (c) 2005 and has given permission of its use.

Coded in Google API V3 Javascript mapping software, Feb 2011.

This streetview is on the web site and is strictly Copyright Satellite Signals Limited (c) 2006 All rights reserved.  Feedback on technical errors or problems with this page please to me at  Thank you.

Page started 23rd Feb 2011, updated 12 Des 2012  V3+key.   Amended for small screens 20 July 2015. HTML5 16 May 2018