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What is the height of the ground ?
What is the depth of the sea ?

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Instructions to find the land height or depth of the ocean at your specified location. Put your mouse cursor near your location and drag near to the middle.

Alternatively type the name of your location above. Try enlarging the map scale by using the + sign on the upper left side of the map or double click your mouse.  Repeat.

Choose the Map or Satellite options in the top right corner and note the pull down menu options for Terrain or Labels. Tick these to see what shows. The terrain option adds the height elevation contour lines on the map.  The photo image may be helpful as you get closer to you location of interest.

If there is an orange man icon at the top left you can click on this a see views from any road in blue.

The Google maps API and database used to produce the above imagery and information may contain errors. Sea depths are approximate and accuracy is not assured. The information is not for navigational purposes. .

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