Satellite internet installers in Florida, FL


Seven qualified installers in South Florida, all SBCA and GVF Certified. The company also holds other certifications MCSE, MCP, CNE in the IT world.
They are Direcway, WildBlue and Directv Dealers and also exclusive Databahn Dealer for the State of Florida.   They have done over 1200 Satellite installations in the past 4 years.
Contact: Carlos Gonzalez, 8100 Belvedere Road Suite 1, West Palm Beach Florida 33411
Phone: 561-791-1224    Cell phone: 305-904-2043    Fax: 561-791-1288
Email:,   Web:
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Satellite internet installer service

Tony Albright



Precise Satellite

Expertise: Mobile Internet and Satellite TV for applications ranging from business mission critical to mobile RV access.
Contact: Precise Satellite, Floral City, FL Phone: (352)-726-8471 Email:  Web site:

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Satellites to Go

Expertise: DataStorm mobile satellite internet access solutions using DirecWay.
Contact: (954) 683-0629 Richard Perez, Satellites to Go,  Pensacola, FL    Web site:


Advanced Satellite Engineering

Professional Satellite services, sales, installations qualified to work on or repair all major brands of satellite systems commercial and residential.  Experienced with Vsat systems Direcway Dish network

Address: 2826 North Hwy. 81 Ponce De Leon, FL 32455     Phone Chuck Schultz: 850-685-7824


Escambia River Electric Cooperative

Jay, FL 32565     The wait for affordable high-speed Internet is over. Sign up now. There's a great big WildBlue® world out there!

Call ERRS today at 1.800.692.7010


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