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Satellite TV dish pointing: South east Asia

Satellite dish pointing in China

SINOSAT Satellite

The SINOSAT-1 was launched from the Xichang, China on July 18, 1998 using a Chinese LM-3B launch vehicle and is now located at 110.5 E orbit longitude..

There are 14  54MHz Ku-band transponders, 23 36MHz C-band transponders and one 54MHz C-band transponder.

Sinosat-1 downlink C band beam coverage contours
Sinosat downlink C band beam contour patterns ( 31 to 39 dBW)

Sinosat-1 downlink Ku band beam coverage contours
Sinosat 1 downlink Ku band beam contour map ( 43 to 54 dBW)

Coverage is for customers both in China and in the surrounding countries and regions.  Coverage extends west to Pakistan, north to part of Russia, east to Japan, south to Indonesia.   Part of India is also included.

The satellite technical characteristics (high downlink power and an adjustable range of low to high uplink sensitivities) make it suitable for both broadcast services and also two-way satellite internet connection and access VSAT services.

VSAT service technologies include Linkstar (DVB outbound/DVB-RCS standard TDMA inbound), DVB/Terrestrial return, DVB/SCPC return and SCPC/SCPC.

For their website go here: http://www.sinosat.com.cn/ (Note their web site home page is a long flash video that takes a very long time to download and there is no obvious skip link - so be careful if you are using a slow dialup connection)

For more details of the Sinosat satellite system coverage maps:
This is useful if you want to do link budget calculations based on EIRP, uplink G/T and uplink power flux density to saturate.

To request service, or to lease transponder capacity please go to their contact page


or email them at marketing@sinosat.com.cn

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