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Details of services provided by SKYWAY.NET GmbH is a IP over Satellite Provider (DVB, SCPC) located in Reinbek, Hamburg, Germany.

For nearly 10 years has been serving customers, mainly in the Middle East with both inclined and stable orbit satellite IP connectivity.

Since the autumn of 2007, they have extended their service to include  sub Saharan Africa.

They are currently operating with the following satellites:

    ●  20 west longitude:  Inclined orbit  Intelsat IS 603
    ●  15 deg west longitude: Stable orbit   Telstar T-12
    ●  47.5 east longitude: Inclined orbit  Intelsat IS 601

If you need more details about or their services, please contact: GmbH.,   Reinbek - Germany logo


Telephone: +49 40 4607 3727

Fax: +49 40 4607 3728


Intelsat 601 satellite: west hemi and west zone beam coverages
Intelsat 601 West Hemi  and West Zone beams.
C band circular polarisation. Inclined orbit 47.5 East

Telstar 12 satellite: Europe coverage beam
Telstar 12 coverage from 15 West.

Aflenz teleport antennas
Teleports:  Aflenz (Austria) above, and in Canada

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