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SATSIG download speed tester

When you request this page, your browser fetches several blocks of 30000 characters (bytes) and measures the download time for each block.  The download speed in kbit/s is then calculated and displayed.

If you have never done this test before it is likely, but not certain, that your request for this page will cause a download directly from the satsig server, which is in London, UK.

If you call the page a second time, or more times, your browser will very likely call the page from the disk store (cache) on your own PC or from a similar cache store on your LAN server or from a cache store on a server provided by your satellite internet service provider.  In such cases the download speed will be faster, with possibly with infinity speed shown.   If you want to be certain of calling the page from the satsig server then use the link lower down.  It adds a spurious random number parameter after the url name so that intermediate proxy cache servers think it is a different page and that you need fresh content.

When you request this page it pulls several blocks of 30000 characters (bytes) from the server and your PC browser measures the download time for each block.  The speed in kbit/s for each block and also the overall average speed is then calculated and displayed.

To repeat this test from the satsig server click again.

This page is somewhat experimental and you should note that the results will not necessarily be representative of your normal browsing experience. If you do the retest several times you will see some variability of the download speed.  There are many varieties of download speed tester.  Some involve having a downloaded software program on your PC.   Some test with various protocols, file sizes etc.  My speed tester, this page, is very simple and just times the download time for this page alone using TCP-IP protocol, which is about as basic as things get.  You are unlikely to get the same results as when using other speed testing methods.  Please tell me of any "speed testers" that you can recommend.

You are welcome to send your result to me by email to so I can add it to the table below.

Date Person testing System and advertised max speed Average kbit/s
16/1/2008 Cable modem 8M 3840
20/1/2008,uk ADSL 512k 856
24/1/2008 not stated 240
2 April 2008 Tony Teles-skyDSL one way 2M service 2304

Comments feedback by email to is welcome and will be added here: Feedback comments about speed tester

Page created 16th Jan 2008, amended 13 March 2012, amended 21 May 2015 ECJ