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I have been asked to put up a list of VSAT installers for each country of the world.  I've been doing this for a while for US states and parts of Canada.  I have been gradually adding new names and contact details for satellite internet installers, from time to time.

Dominican Republic /Caribbean
Puerto Rica
Costa Rica
US Virgin Islands

Africa VSAT installers Africa

VSAT installer Kenya

VSAT manager/installer Ghana

VSAT installer Zambia Kalwani

VSAT installer Nigeria-bensat

VSAT installer Malawi

VSAT installer Kenya George Mbogoh Kariuki

Satellite installer Kenya Benedict Kiilu

Ethiopia VSAT engineer/installer Ethiopia
Ghana VSAT manager/installer Ghana

Malawi VSAT installer Malawi
Nigeria VSAT installer Nigeria Bensat

CV VSAT network engineer Nigeria

Kenya Richard Muteru: VSAT installer Kenya

Fred Anyika VSAT installer Kenya

Kenya VSAT installer: Naphtali Nyagah

VSAT installer Kenya George Mbogoh Kariuki

Satellite installer Kenya Benedict Kiilu

Sudan VSAT installer Sudan and Ethiopia

VSAT installer Sudan

Afganistan +91.9313281293
New Zealand  
Hawaii and Pacific Islands
Zambia VSAT installer Zambia: Kalwani

Further individuals and companies willing and able to install VSAT please email me with details.  You must be able to set polarisation angle to better than +/- 1 degree accuracy and beam pointing within the -0.5 dB contour.  Please send your actual town location, email address, 30 word description of activities and picture of yourself, your vehicle, shop, typical installation etc.  Send more if you are really keen.  Please note that the inclusion of your details is entirely at my discretion and your details may be amended or deleted at any time without warning or explanation.  Not all submissions will be included and no explanation will be given. Please don't send spam inclusion requests.  You are welcome to update me with new details or request deletion, if you wish.

Warning / Disclaimer:  Visitors seeking VSAT or satellite internet installers, please note that I do not vouch for the companies or people mentioned.  I get loads of incoming spam and some will no doubt get through!  Sorry.  You need to deal with and contract with the VSAT installers directly, at your own risk.   In case of dispute deal with the installer only and try and sort it out locally.   Please tell me if data above is out of date or otherwise  wrong.

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