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Satellite dish pointing in West Africa

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Ariave Satcom Internet Connectivity to Africa via Satellite

Ariave Satcom has, since 2003, been offering IP via satellite services to all of Africa. The service includes Internet, Voice and Video streaming and is using two satellites covering all of Africa with full redundancy. They also deploy an advance Two-Way multi-satellite system that has proven throughout the years to be a reliable and cost effective solution in offering broadband DVB/SCPC & DVB/BOD services. The solution also includes an advance local network system which is highly secured and uses the latest advance security measurements like IPSEC, Encryption & Firewall.

Contact Details:

Arnon Spitzer


Phone (Israel):


Intelsat 22 C band west hemi beam covering Africa and Middle East
Intelsat IS-22 @ 72 deg East C-Band African Coverage

Intelsat 25 C band beam coverage US, Atlantic, West and Central Africa
Intelsat IS-25 @ 31.5 deg West C-Band African Coverage

Ariave Satcom has positioned a state-of-the-art Network Operating Center (NOC) at the RRSAT Teleport (see picture below) using the new Intelsat IS-25 & IS-22 satellite series high-power Middle-East & African beam. These satellites can handle C-Band antennas as low as 1.8m diameters. For the IS-25, a dedicated 32m antenna allows achieving a very high upload data rate using small size BUCs.

The company is already providing VPN customers to 23 countries in Africa using Ariave's Bandwidth On Demand system (BOD) and Allot NetEnforcer QOS. This system allows each of the VPN customers to share a dedicated upload and download bandwidth, thus saving in valuable satellite resources while maintaining a highly efficient bandwidth utilization.

Ariave also supplements its services with Teleport hosting, satellite capacity, network integration, local engineering support and high service availability.

Key features of the service that Ariave Satcom offers:

A full asymmetric satellite link for Data, Voice & Video applications using advance IP technology.
Satellite access facilities via Ariave Satcom's Teleport.
Teleport Hosting & Rack Space.
High Power Satellites covering all of Africa & Middle-East.
Internet & Intranet Connectivity using C-Band satellites.
Secured service using IPSEC, Firewalls, PID Encryption Technology.
Dedicated Group for VPN customers.
Traffic Plots for each customer via secured Web Access Site.
Multiple Tier 1 & Tier 2 IP transit connectivity, directly to the US and European backbones using BGP-AS.
24hrs/365 days service monitoring and customer care.
Local engineering in many countries in Africa.
Unlimited downloads.
High power satellites allowing 1.8m antenna at selected areas.
Allot QOS services for VPN and low latency requirements.


Ariave Satcom is using the latest technology in Two-Way connectivity such as DVB-S2 and Bandwidth On Demand as well as SCPC dedicated links.

Contact Details:
Arnon Spitzer
Cell: +972-545-493-276
Phone (Israel):

Satellite communications teleport with large 32m antennas
Ariave's satellite communications Teleport hosting using 32m & 4.5m dedicated antennas.

Customer VSAT dish in secure compound
Typical VSAT antenna installation within a compound, not fenced.

Customer antenna at VSAT site, with fence
Typical VSAT antenna installation, with Fence

Indoor equipment at VSAT satellite dish terminal
Typical Local Network Rack (IP Router, Switch, Firewall, Satellite Modem)

I have written this page at the request of Ariave. The information and images are derived from information provided by Ariave and are used here with kind permission.  This is not a paid for advertisement.

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