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Bathaba NDIYOI B.Eng. Elect/Electronics, MEIZ, MIEE, GVF IP & VSAT Systems Engineer.



June 2005 IP and VSAT Systems Consultant for Loralskynet and Global Crossing of USA.
· Contracted by Loral Skynet and Global Crossing of USA to implement the interconnection of regional British Council offices to UK head office via VSAT for Data services. Installed VSATs in Harare, Zimbabwe and Lusaka, Zambia.
· Did a comprehensive 3 town VSAT Site Survey for FHI (Family Health International), i.e. Lusaka, Kabwe and Ndola. FHI is an organization funded by USAID in Zambia.
· Surveyed, installed and commissioned a site for Dodge Phelps Company in Luanshya (Copper mining town), Zambia. This is a 2.4m dish, C-band, iDirect Network.
· Bitstream Consultants Limited has SLA with Loralskynet, now called Telesat of Canada. The company does annual maintenance and 24/7 call in case of a VSAT fault for all sites.

Responsibilities (VSAT):
. Site Surveying.
. Maintaining installed equipment.
. Hiring and supervising installation team.
. Training installation team on installation basics.
. Installing and maintaining VSAT and network equipment.
. Setup of Antenna and antenna subsystems
. Installing and interconnecting ODUs and IDUs.
. Laying IFL and other cables (signal and power).
. Terminating cables with N-type and BNC connectors.
. Configuring IDUs and ODUs modems and routers.
. Commissioning VSATs in conjunction with Network Operation Centres and INTELSAT's IOC .
. Writing troubleshooting procedure manuals.
. Training support officers in VSAT sites about basic VSAT operation and fault reporting.
. Providing helpdesk services to personal computer users (troubleshooting hardware and software problems).
. Helping users to obtain VSAT operating licenses and bandwidth requirements in different countries.
Type of VSAT equipment: prodelin antenna (offset), Codan outdoor units, iDirect infinity 5150 satellite routers, Paradise Modem and IN-Line Amplifiers.
Type of network devices: Cisco routers (1700, 1800, 2600, 2800 and 3600); Cisco Switches, Cisco ASA. Firewalls, 3Com hubs, 3Com switches.
Type of equipment: Compaq desk tops, LaserJet printers, windows 2000, and XP operating systems.

· Was a Project coordinator for the implementation of MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) network for Zamtel Ltd. Today, this network is one of the fastest enterprise network carrying critical information for organizations. Barclays has 145 branches and ATMs, Zanaco's Branches and ATMs, Stanchart, Stanbic, ZNBS etc. Of critical importance is the issue of SLAs with the banks and these have to be met as stipulated in the agreements at all cost.

For Barclays, we extended their network to ABSA, Johannesburg through our microwave links at Kazungula border into Botswana.

The network comprises 2 core routers, 13 PE routers and 123 CE sites. Routing protocols used are BGP and OSPF.
· Was Co - Team leader in the implementation of Zambia's biggest Wide Area Network undertaken on behalf of ECZ (Electoral Commission of Zambia) for the government of the republic of Zambia.
· Designed and installed a 23 point Network at Canadian Embassy.
· Setup a 21-point Network at Internet Section for Zamtel online at Lamya House in Lusaka.
· Able to maintain LAN and WAN installations.
· PC building and maintenance. Can build a PC according to the client's specifications. Use of appropriate tools is emphasized.
· Comfortable with deployment of data networks through DSL, wireless and dial-up. I have vast experience in DSL technology roll-out with the banks, like Bank of Zambia, Zanaco, Stanchart and Barclays.

Jan 2002 - March 2003 International Transmission and Maintenance Centre (ITMC) - Zamtel Ltd.
· I was involved in the Data Provision at ITMC, Zamtel Ltd. It is also the first entry point from Zambia's International Gateway at Mwembeshi Earth Station.
· Provision of quality international and national transmission of both voice and data, including the last mile link to customer premise equipment (CPE) by use of DSL modems.
· Installed and programmed DCME DX 3000, DX 5000; and Low Rate Encoders for Zambia's International Gateway. These are compression systems on Zambia's Gateway.
· Handled all kind of local and International Data Circuits. This entails a deep understanding of routing and configuration of DSL modems. Clients include Game Stores, Japanese Embassy, Christian Voice Radio, DHL International, Shoprite, Bank of China, Sita and Zanaco.

1997-2000 The Copperbelt University, Kitwe, Zambia
Obtained a Bachelors Degree in Electrical/Electronics.
1994-1996 The Copperbelt University, Kitwe, Zambia
Obtained a Diploma in Power Engineering.
1987-1989 Hillcrest Technical Secondary School.
Obtained a full Grade 12 Certificate.

· A member of EIZ (Engineering Institution of Zambia).
· A registered member of EngRB (Engineering Registration Board).
· A member of GVF (Global VSAT Forum).
· Generally, I have an appreciation of the Telecommunication working Environment as regards technical standards like ICT Act, Electronic Communication and Transmission Act, IBA independent Act; and the regulations that come with it like Zambia Information and Communications Technology Authority (ZICTA), ECZ Act, EngRB and EIZ.

12-15 February 2007: Attended 3GSM World Congress, the world's premier mobile event at Fira Barcelona in Barcelona, Spain.

February 26 - March 2, 2007: Mobile In-building Solutions Seminar, Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC), Cape Town, South Africa.

14-21 October 2007: Advanced VSAT Installation & Maintenance Certification (Level 3S), COMESA, Lusaka.  Undertook a certification course in VSAT Installation and Maintenance, organised by Global VSAT Forum of USA.

16-20 January 2006: VSAT Installation and Maintenance course, Nairobi, Kenya.  Undertook a VSAT Installation and Maintenance course sponsored by Loralskynet Global Satellite Systems of USA at Panari Hotel, Nairobi, Kenya.

1-31 May 2005: CISCO IP Training at Cisco Headquarters, San Jose, California, USA.

14-25 March 2003: The ZTE University, People's Republic of China. Studied for A Level Certificate in the Operations of GSM Intelligent Networks (IN) Platforms - VMS, Pre-paid Platforms, Call Centre sub-systems.

13-24 January 2003: Undertook a specialized course in Computer Hardware and Software at ITC, Lusaka.

· I am flexible and can easily adapt to new challenges.
· Self-motivated, creative, analytical and able to work with minimum supervision.
· Able to meet deadlines.
· Good Communication Skills. I am able to speak fluently and confidently to both individuals and large groups.
· Can concisely communicate on paper.
· Comfortable working in teams.

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Please do not hesitate to contact me:

 Bathaba NDIYOI B.Eng. Elect /Electronics, MEIZ, MIEE, GVF
IP & VSAT Systems Engineer
Mobile: +260 955 770060

Bitstream Consultants Limited
Mosi-oa-tunya Building
Plot No. 1654 Room 405, Fourth Floor
Box 30262 Box 60470

loral vsat installer training
VSAT Training in Nairobi conducted by Loral Skynet, USA

Assembly of 3.8m Dish Antenna
Assembly of 3.8m Dish Antenna at British Council, Harare, Zimbabwe.

VSAT Site Survey at Phelps Dodge, Luanshya, Zambia.

C band dish with 40W Codan Transceiver
2.4m C band dish with 40W Codan Transceiver.

Cisco routers and Satellite modems
Indoor units: Cisco Routers, iDirect and Paradise satellite Modems.

VSAT antenna installation in Lusaka
At British Council, showing Antenna, BUC, LNB and feedhorn, Lusaka, Zambia

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