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EasyCom: VSAT installer in Tunisia, Algeria and Libya.

Solutions for Networking & Satellite Telecommunication

EasyCom have been TVRO installers since 1996 and two-way VSAT installers since 2004.

Areas of work include Tunisia, North Africa, offshore maritime in Mediterranean sea and in the adjacent countries, Algeria and in Libya.

EasyCom have installed more than 500 1.2m VSAT links, and have specialised experience in SCPC links with Comtech modem solutions.

They are fully equipped and we can work worldwide.

See the pictures on the right of some installations.

Contact details:


22 Rue Imam Rassaa App8 Tunis Belvédère 1002 Tunisie RC17431997- TVA544406 R/A/M 000

Email:  easy.com@topnet.tn

Email: karimkhemiri@topnet.tn
skype: khkpro

Phone: +216 71 971 600

Phone: +216 71 89 33 90
Fax:  +216 71 89 34 05
Mobile:  +216 98 30 31 54

2.4m Ku band dish
2.4m VSAT antenna with transmit BUC

Comtech CDM570 modems
Comtech CDM570 modems

Higher elevation setting

Unusual antenna from Sepatriot

VSAT installation

VSAT antenna installation

VSAT dish installation

Wireless link antenna

2-way coms dish

2-way VSAT terminal

Cell phone base station antenna mast

Concrete foundation for dish

Working on Gregorian antenna

Two parabolic antennas



VSAT antenna on oil rig


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