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ITC Global, a Panasonic Company

On 30 April 2021 it is expected that this company will be under new ownership of the "Marlink Group".

ITC Global is a leading provider of industrial grade broadband and voice solutions designed specifically for oil, gas, mining and maritime needs.

Their secure, fully managed and enterprise grade solutions are custom engineered from the client's application layer. They develop these solutions by combining the world's broadest and most reliable satellite network with decades of expertise in our clients' industries, longstanding strategic partnerships and the stability, talent, reach, and innovation of Panasonic Avionics.

ITC Global is able to support these solutions inside every major and emerging global energy market. By teaming with ITC Global, companies can streamline their high-value business decision-making, achieve system-wide consistency, maintain better-prepared and more productive remote operations, meet evolving workforce expectations, and ensure HSE compliance.

The result is that every point along their exploration, production, and delivery networks can stay connected, informed, and ready to act - anytime, anywhere, at the speed of need.

Plot Number 146, Block "W", Capri Point, Mwanza, Tanzania

Phone: +255 282 501112



ITC Global logo

C-Band VSAT terminal providing SCPC satellite communications
 C band circular polarisation VSAT terminal, 1.8 to 4.5m dia providing full duplex  64 kbps to 8.4 Mbps

Regional R-BGAN, 144 kbit/s providing IP connectivity
Portable satellite terminal 144 kbit/s

CapSat TT-3060A Mini-M Portable Satellite Telephone
Mini M portable satellite telephone, 2.4 kbit/s data

Some of the text and the images above have been provided by, and are used here, with the kind permission of  Spidersat Communications and, with effect from May 2016, by ITC Global Communications, a Panasonic Company.  This is not a paid for advertisement.

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