Africa satellite internet services
Africa satellite internet services

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Satellite dish pointing: South Africa

VSAT Installer in Kenya - George Mbogoh

Geoffrey Mbeha

VSAT installer, Namibia, Africa.

Geoffrey Mbeha is a VSAT installer in Namibia, Africa, and can install any VSAT type from 1.2m to 3.7m.  He has worked with Andrews, Prodelin, Channel Master, Ellies and many types of antennas.

Ku band VSAT linear polarisation

He can install modems: Dialaw@y, Faraway (both Gilat products), iDirect VSATs, can work with Comtech 600 and 600L Modems, Fairchild, Paradise Modems, NEC modems, etc.

Ku band VSAT antenna installation.
Installation and maintenance of any SCPC or shared system modems.

C band circular polarisation feed system.
The polariser is the square section tube between the horn and the Ortho Mode Transducer (OMT)

He has installed many types of VSATs on many different Satellites over a period of 8 years around the country of Namibia, in both C and Ku Band frequencies.

Images show example installations.

Axi-symmetric antenna install

C band installation

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