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Satellite Internet in Botswana from Omnisat

OmniSat is based in Broadhurst in Botswana and provides small 100cm diameter antennas to customers in Botswana needing internet access up to 4 Mbit/s.

NEW DAWN footprint
Coverage is in Ku band from INTELSAT NEW DAWN satellite at 33 deg east orbit position.

The user terminal is similar to satellite TV, except that the outdoor radio module is able to transmit as well as receive. The indoor unit has a simple Ethernet interface for a PC or LAN router.  A local LAN router, either wired or wireless, enable several PCs or laptops to be connected.

Omnisat terminal

Technology: iDirect

Terminals include:

. 100 cm diameter satellite dish
. iLNB (integrated receiver and transmitter)
. Indoor satellite modem
. Cables for dish, modem and computer

Omnisat will organise your installation.

Contact details: Tel: (+267) 3908 936      Mobile: (+267) 746 22 774

E-mail: justin@omnisat.co.bw

Web site: https://omnisat.co.bw/

Postal Address: Private Bag BR162, Broadhurst, Botswana, Africa
Physical Address: Plot 43175, Block B, Unit 1, Phakalane, Botswana

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