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HX satellite broadband in South America

HX satellite broadband in South America

HX on Telstar 11N satellite

HX VSAT AM22 satellite: Afghanistan

HX NMS : Information about VSAT sites for local HX agents and resellers.

Note added 2022: Hughes HX is now listed as legacy service on the Bentley Walker web site: https://bentley-walker.com/hx50

11 May 2010: Announced here.

Hughes have released a new Network Management System product in the form of a major software upgrade of the management interface for the Hughes HX VSAT DVB-S2 teleport hub system.

The new facilities allow local resellers and agents to access the HX NMS in read-only mode to observe the detailed status of the customer terminals that thue look after.

This is intended to help local agents and resellers to answer queries from end user customers, particular regarding site configuration, site and network traffic flows and general network operation.

Starting from a top level network overview (see below), it is possible to look at progressively more detail to verify and check the status of individual sites, right down to modem receive signal strength.

Overall network traffic

VSAT network traffic: outroute from teleport hub to the site
Outroute traffic for the past 6 minutes, approx 18 Mbit/s.

VSAT network traffic graph: inroute from sites to the teleport hub
Inroute traffic (VSATs to hub) approx 1.6 Mbit/s.

Customer site locations on map

Locations of NMS sites
Geographic map showing HX sites locations in Ghana, Togo, Benin and Nigeria. Green shows normal operation. Red shows some anomaly, such as powered off temporally.

The information for this page has been kindly provided by Bentley Walker who operate 5 HX networks covering Europe, Africa, Middle East, including Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Kazakhstan.

Summary management status of your VSAT sites

Display of VSAT site status in HX NMS
Summary status table showing listing individual sites, identifying any that may be power off or not operational.

Details of any site anomalies and alarms

VSAT alarm details in HX NMS
Any alarms, together with times for site anomalies.

Individual sites: traffic graphs and traffic type analysis

VSAT remote site traffic graph
Detailed traffic graphs for a site including breakdown of traffic types.

Detailed configuration and diagnostics for a site, together with VSAT signal strength

VSAT remote site detailed configuration and status
Detailed configuration and diagnostics for a site, together with VSAT signal strength

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