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Tooway (TM) satellite from Bentley Walker

Tooway (TM) from El Molino

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Tooway satellite dish pointing

Tooway satellite broadband service in the Algarve, Portugal from BigBlu.

Information for customers in Portugal, Western Spain and Gibraltar.

Use of solar power for internet connection
Picture of an old Tooway Ku band TooWay dish in Portugal. Modern equipment uses hight freqiency Ka band and more compact outdoor antenna system.

Satellite internet connection is suitable if you can't get phone line broadband (ADSL) or mobile phone internet connection. Satellite Broadband Internet for homes and business is a last resort if faced with no terrestrial internet connection.

The picture above and the one lower down are typical of potential customer locations.

History: 2014 onwards: The company "Broadband-Algarve.net" no longer exists.  Last known contact details: Sales: +351 917 344 894   Support: +351 912 240 691 Alcaria - Sistemas de Communicações Limitada, trading as Broadband Algarve, registered in Portugal 509 758 304. Estrada National 125 Pereiras de Cima Edificio Cor de Rosa, Loja A 8125-024 Quarteira. "Broadband-Algarve.net" was taken over by "Simply Algarve" or "Europasat".  Europasat" was taken over by BigBlu, Portugal.

Aug 2020: Current status: BigBlu, Portugal now provide satellite broadband services. Their phone number: +351 289 129 007 Web sites: Portugese BigBlu, Portugal

Alternative companies re-selling the european Ka band Tooway service are included here: ivsat-europe.htm. Various price packages exist to suit everyone's needs.

Note: Total independence from terrestrial infrastructure - No telephone line required.   Likely customers are homes and small/medium sized businesses unable to connect to the internet via ADSL or using mobile phone solutions.

Tooway DOCSIS satellite broadband modem
Indoor Tooway modem

Typical satellite internet dish in remote location.
Outdoor Ka band antenna with dual reflector design.  (2020) Even this configuration is now superseded with a more modern compact design.

Rural location where satellite nroadband is the only option
Satellite broadband for remote locations.

The text and images on this page are based on information kindly provided by Broadband-Algarve. This page is for information only and is not a paid-for advertisement. It is not up to date. See above about possible takeovers and legacy contact details.

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