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Castor Networks

Castor Networks is a leading provider of VSAT and Mobile Satellite Services to the Mining, Energy and Maritime industries, NGOs and Government organizations.

They provide reliable mission and business critical communication services with solid service level agreements. To achieve high availability and reliability, all services are set-up fully redundant in our Teleports in The Netherlands with ready to be deployed spares.

Who we are

Castor Networks is a leading Netherlands based satellite service provider and teleport operator. We provide VSAT and mobile satellite services to companies active in the Mining, Maritime and Energy industries, NGO's and Governments.

Broadcasting customers benefit from live audio and video transmission services, downlink and transcoding services and uplinking of TV bouquets. Wholesale customers the satellite industry are served with Teleport services, Virtual Network Operator (VNO) services and Satellite Capacity leasing.

Once the satellite broadcasting division of the national telecom operator KPN, Castor Networks was created in 2005 following a management buy-out. Now privately financed, the company is based in De Meern, The Netherlands and is owner-operator of two teleports and a leased fibre network from which it provides services to an international client base.

Our mission is to be a natural partner for our customers in providing them the high quality services and professional support they need. We focus on creating long-term relationships and some of our key customers have been with us for over 15 years.

Castor Networks strategy is to expand its local presence into key geographical markets. It currently has offices in Johannesburg, South Africa and Juba, South Sudan to serve VSAT customers and in Malta to serve its Superyacht customer base. Recently we decided to open offices in Freetown, Sierra Leone and Congo DRC.

VSAT services

Networks offers a full range of VSAT services, including:

  • Satellite Capacity: Castor Networks offers raw satellite capacity services on a broad range of satellites which can be purchased in combination with our teleport facilities.
  • iDirect VSAT: a shared broadband Internet and Voice-over-IP connectivity service for businesses and governments requiring a premium service for reliable, secure two-way IP communication
  • SCPC: a dedicated bandwidth service
  • Meshed VSAT: seamless and hubless, -single hop- connections between multiple customer sites to meet real-time business networking requirements
  • VSAT value added services: business services that work seamlessly with our VSAT services and can be part of a turnkey customer solution such as Satphones, VSAT telephony, IPTV, SMART Internet.

24x7 Monitoring, Control and Support

Castor Networks provides 24x7 support for all its services and monitors all hardware elements, the satellite carrier as well as any software based elements within the end-to-end solution being offered to the customer.

Satellite Broadcast Services

Our reliable broadcasting services include Audio/Video transmission services via satellite, uplinking of TV bouquets, Downlinking of TV channels and distribution to CDNs, Transcoding and Streaming services.

  • Occasional Use services
  • Downlink and transcoding services of Satellite TV channels for IPTV providers
  • Uplink services for DTH bouquets and TV feeds
  • Internet streaming services for Radio and TV
  • Satellite Coverage

Castor Networks Teleport

Castor Networks provides reliable mission and business critical communication services. Our proposal to this tender is based on VSAT satellite services solution and teleport proposed for the VSAT communications is owned and operated by Castor Networks and is located in Burum, The Netherlands.

Castor Networks monitors and services all earth station facilities and RF subsystems. All components in the respective RF subsystems supporting Customer services will be N+1 redundant. It is guaranteed 99.95% availability for overall performance of each individual RF uplink from this teleport site.

Terrestrial Connectivity

Burum teleport has first class terrestrial connectivity offering redundant connections to international fiber-optic networks and the global IP-Backbones.

The leased line and Ethernet services are end-to-end services based on an SDH connection that provides constant and committed availability of capacity on a transmission path between a customer's specified location and the Teleport.


Contact - Head Office
Address: Rijnzathe 4, De Meern, 3454 PV, The Netherlands
Phone: +31 (0) 88 646 0100
Email: request@castornetworks.com

Mexico and Latin America
Castor Networks Mexico
Calle 19 x Av 10 Bis |Cozumel, Quintana Roo|Mexico
Tel Mexico: +52 987 120 1979
Cell Mexico: +52 1 987 103 8802
Email: robert@castornetworks.com.mx
Skype: rbungener
website : www.castornetworks.com.mx

South Africa
Address: Skeen Office Park, 16 Skeen Boulevard, Bedfordview, 2007, South Africa
Phone: +27 (0) 11 450 0002
Email: JHB@castornetworks.com

South Sudan
Address: Tongping, Kololo Road,
Juba, Republic of South Sudan,
300m down from US Embassy
Office: +211 971005870
Email: juba@castornetworks.com

Sierra Leone
Address: Hut 1 Family, Kingdom Resort, Aberdeen Beach, Freetown, Sierra Leone
Phone: +23279384466
Email: sl@castornetworks.com

Global VSAT service beam coverage
Global coverage (click to see enlarged view)

Maritime mobile satellite service beam coverages in the Atlantic and Indian Ocean regions
Maritime satellite coverage beams (click to see enlarged view)

Teleport antennas at Burum, Netherlands
Castor VSAT hub antennas

Satellite hub racks
Hub equipment racks

Teleport at Burum, Netherlands
Burum Teleport

Working at satellite teleport hub
Working at the satellite hub

I have prepared this page based on text and images, used with permission, derived from material kindly provided by Castor Networks. This page is for your information only and is not a paid for advertisement..

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