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Message started by LeipzigCanadaExpat on Feb 2nd, 2006 at 10:49am

Title: Indoor dish installation: fact or myth?
Post by LeipzigCanadaExpat on Feb 2nd, 2006 at 10:49am

I am a newly arrived Canadian researcher in Leipzig, Germany, and I am exploring various possibilities to get English speaking television here, via satellite.

Currently, I am staying at a university residence, and it is unlikely that I will be granted permission to install a dish outside. There is no balcony to speak of, but there is a metal railing to which a dish might be affixed... However, given that I am scheduled to vacate the apartment in 3 months, structural changes required to affix a dish are probably out of the question. This leaves me with the prospect of having my dish indoors for the next 3 months, until I move to another apartment. I saw on Internet that some people managed to leave the dish indoor, point it at their satellite of choice, and were successful at getting a television signal.

What are my prospects for doing this in Germany? Moreover, is my only option GermanSky, or is there another (cheaper) option?

Please advise.


Title: Re: Indoor dish installation: fact or myth?
Post by Eric Johnston on Feb 13th, 2006 at 6:57pm
There is good prospect of safe receive-only operation through a plastic film roof/wall or dry thin tent fabric.  These materials are not much different from the feed window which is already there.

Thicker, more dense, conductive, damp and wet materials make matters worse.  

Operation through a glass window may require a dish of twice the area, assuming 3dB loss due to reflection.  You are welcome to try it and see.  It may not be successful.

For transmitting you need to be careful if there are people outside and also that you don't cause interference to other satellite due to high level off-axis sidelobes and interference to others on the same satellite due to high level on-axis cross pol transmissions.

For more information type < radar radome materials > into Google.

Added by admin:
This page dish pointing in Germany may be help.

Best regards, Eric.

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