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Message started by Casey on May 19th, 2006 at 3:36pm

Title: pin/san confusion
Post by Casey on May 19th, 2006 at 3:36pm
I have read some posts in this forum that indicate you can call direcway and get a pin/san, I am trying to set up a dish and called them, they took my credit card number, no problem, but told me they don't give out pins/sans except to dealers only. By the way I got the dish pointed myself, but I think it won't communicate with the NOC to run the cross-pol in auto mode (it passes in manual) Am I correct in assuming that since I have no pin/san issued the transmitter won't communicate with noc ? Direcway never asked for any info about the modems as far as serial numbers/etc. I just told them I had used 4000's and could I still get them commissioned they said yes and set up an account.
And now I am supposed to have an installer come out to do the commissioning. My point is this: I want to make sure all is well on my end and the system will work, If an installer has to come out and I have to pay by the hour I just want him to have to do the commisioning only if it is not possible to do it myself.

Title: Re: pin/san confusion
Post by USN - Retired on May 19th, 2006 at 6:54pm
From the beginning, Hughes has insisted that only individuals that they have certified as "Direcway installers" are permitted to work on their systems. Doesn't make any difference what generation, they want a "certified installer" to do the work. Had you purchased this system new, you would already be in possession of the necessary SAN & PIN. If you're lucky, perhaps the previous owner can come up with that info. Short of that, you're pretty much obligated to work within the system, which means getting the SAN & PIN by way of a HughesNet certified installer.

As as sidenote, you'd better decide which way you want to go on this soon. While the wind is blowing in your direction that is. Because from what I understand there were to be no/nada/zero/zip "new" DW4000 installations to be authorized after April 1st of this year. The decision is whether to
a. abandon the DW4000 as a bad investment
b. pay the piper while they'll still let you


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