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Message started by klstrandberg on Jun 3rd, 2006 at 5:25pm

Title: Newbie seeking expert/experienced advice on Sat
Post by klstrandberg on Jun 3rd, 2006 at 5:25pm
Looking for advice from the experts and experienced.

My situation:
I'm a freelance writer for the high-tech industry. Currently living in a fixed home with cable Internet @ 3Mbps (I'm spoiled). I live by the Internet, frequently downloading multi-megabyte files and uploading multi-100kbyte files. I rely on e-mail, web, ftp, and recreational surfing, sometimes streaming from training sites. I'm not a gamer. I used VoIP with my cable service and loved it, but cancelled it because of my plans, which are:

I'm planning on working on the road in a large 5th wheel. I have Verizonwireless cell-based data service as Internet access for locations where service is available, but considering satellinte as a backup for non-service locations.


One of my concerns is with FAP punishment. I need bandwidth when I need it, and can't afford to be dialed down. Is this a valid concern with satellite and my bandwidth requirements as described above?

I'm tech saavy, engineering background (although not RF), can even fabricate metal for moutning, etc., so I can deal with some installation & technical issues, but tech support is a must for emergencies. Is tech support an issue with the service providers? Are they timely, friendly, and helpful?

Which provider has high ratings (from the experienced and experts viewpoint) for uptime, continuous throughput, signal/data quality? Starband? Direcway? An Independent installer/provider?

Is VoIP an option with Satellite? Is it reliable? Is the latency a big headache and annoying? Does satellite support voice over IM very well?

As a note on comparison, my alternative in areas without Verizon service is to plan on being near a hotspot and popping over to it every hour or so to check email, do downloads, etc. (My experience with RV parks that claim they have wireless Internet is that unless you're 50 ft from their antenna, or you have an external antenna with nice gain, their service is worthless. Although, I just thought of something. It might be worthwhile to buy a 2.4 GHz dish and set it up for wireless access in the RV park. I'm doing that now and sharing my connection with a guy 4 miles across my valley in a direct link. Hmmm.)

I've surfed around for info/advice along this nature, have found some experienced and knowledgeable people here, so any input you have will be greatly appreciated. And I've bookmarked this site, BTW. It's quite handy.

Title: Re: Newbie seeking expert/experienced advice on Sa
Post by HVYMTL on Jun 3rd, 2006 at 9:06pm
If your set on satellite, and a mobile version, it will be costly. On top of that, as you stated, you will hit the FAP ceiling with most of the retail service plans available, unless you have a good handle on your download/upload usage now and can compare it to the FAP levels of various service providers and can assure yourself you will be within limits. The other side of that is to go with a business system with various bandwidth plans and FAP levels or go with a unlimited download/upload plan. You get what you pay for..,
If your planning on using multiple ISP sources (local wifi) in RV parks, hotels etc. then maybe a entry level sat. service would work. Only you would know based on your usage and travel plans/destinations.
I would be glad to answer any questions about retail/business Direcway or business level systems like iDirect or others.


Title: Re: Newbie seeking expert/experienced advice on Sa
Post by klstrandberg on Jun 5th, 2006 at 6:43pm
Thanks. I found a distributor and set up I'm going to try.

Title: Re: Newbie seeking expert/experienced advice on Sa
Post by klstrandberg on Jun 17th, 2006 at 5:29pm
Okay. I purchased a system from Maxwell Satellite. Piece of cake to set up. Took a couple hours first time to get the dish put together and go through the manual. Instructions are clear.

The dish offset mount is really slick with easy adjustments for all three axes. Only hitch was a mis-labeled piece that I quickly resolved with a call to Maxwell. The device came from the factory with the label on backwards.

Finding and peaking the dish is very simple. The manual is very straightforward, and I've not had a problem reaching the  supplier when needed.

Good experience all the way around so far.

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