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Message started by tmetzler on Jun 3rd, 2006 at 10:37pm

Title: Bonaire, Netherland Antilles
Post by tmetzler on Jun 3rd, 2006 at 10:37pm
I am relocating from the U.S. to Bonaire next month.

I am a computer consultant and will need high-speed internet access.  Primarily for VPN/terminal server/citrix, but also for uploading/downloading large files. All of the above from U.S. sites.

I have come to the conclusion that the local telco and cable companies on the island will not be able to provide the quality of service that I would prefer and am just now beginning to research the satellite internet option.

This will be used for my home office network (up to about 6 computers behind my wireless router)

I would prefer to be able to use VOIP services if possible.

I would prefer no less than 512Kbps down/256Kbps up.

I have sent out an email requesting information from the companies listed on the website as providing service to Bonaire, but would like to get any suggestions from those of you out there with any experience/ideas.

Title: Re: Bonaire, Netherland Antilles
Post by duffeaap on Jun 6th, 2006 at 1:33am

I live on Bonaire and have the local FlamingoTV cable connection.

The link varies a lot. I get anywhere from 30kB/s to 300kB/s rates down. 15kB/s up. So it's not so bad. Skype works great.

What did you find out about the sat links? I'm looking for a solution to get internet in remote places on the island.

Title: Re: Bonaire, Netherland Antilles
Post by tmetzler on Jun 6th, 2006 at 2:22am
Greetings my soon to be neighbor.

I've had a few emails from providers, but still compiling options.

I've been discussing my internet options research with a local Bonaire tech and he had this to say about satellite internet options in Bonaire.

"Well, the issue with Satellite installs on Bonaire is that you need an uplink license if you want to transmit data back up to the satellite, and that license costs about NAF 24K/year. Not very cost effective. There was a company on Curacao offering this service a couple years back (they apparently had a blanket license), but I've not heard anything about them in a while. "

If that is true, then it's not a very good option for me.   I've replied to the providers that have sent me information and asked them about this issue, but I have not received a response yet.

Title: Re: Bonaire, Netherland Antilles
Post by HVYMTL on Jun 6th, 2006 at 3:36am

I can not help you with transmit license but I have experiance with VPN/Citrix connections over satellite, many options and services will not work, but some will. I've followed this subject for several years. I have one service provider with various software products that is working very well. I'll be testing another system in the next 4 weeks for side by side comparisons.
I'd be glad to give some advice on what works for me.


Title: Re: Bonaire, Netherland Antilles
Post by HVYMTL on Jun 6th, 2006 at 3:56am
Another satellite product that may help you is a satellite product that uses dialup for upload and satellite for download. This might provide a solution to the transmit license requirement for uploading, but limit your options for upload file size and speed. It would provide fast downloading, and allow large file downloads. The stateside equivilent of this retail product was known as DirecPc, which has been discontinued. I belive these type of products are still available though some companies from some of the posts and referances I've seen on this board. Something to keep in mind as I stated above, VPN over two way satellite can be difficult, and many people find it slower then dialup, others as good as dialup VPN connections. For my application my two way satellite VPN system connection is as good as dialup, and it saves us $3 a minute long distance charges from one country to another, as well as leaves the phone free for local calls, and the sat. link can be used for VoIP calls for addition savings. VoIP over satellite is another subject entirely which is covered here as well as many other boards. Expect a .5 second delay minimum between you and your other party with the best systems.


Title: Re: Bonaire, Netherland Antilles
Post by tmetzler on Jun 6th, 2006 at 8:03pm

That wouldn't work for me, as the upload speed is equally important to me as the download.  BUT what a great idea for a work-around.  You sound like an excellent problem-solver, just the kind of people I like working with.  Best to you!

Title: Re: Bonaire, Netherland Antilles
Post by tmetzler on Jun 6th, 2006 at 8:09pm
I just contacted the Bureau Telecommunication and Post for the Netherland Antilles and they informed me that yes there is a fee of approx. 25k Guilders ($13440.86 US) per year for having a two-way satellite setup.

I suppose I could do the install myself covert-style and just not tell anybody, but it seems that would be breaking the law, and I don't want to start my residence in a new country by doing that!

That pretty much gets rid of the satellite internet option for me. :(

Title: Re: Bonaire, Netherland Antilles
Post by Dunhill Systems on Jul 24th, 2006 at 5:59am
Are those prices related to the upload speed or just for 1 equipment

i can think about something as a very highspeed sat connection and share that with others over wifi, but i am not familiar with the ABC laws
And it seems that a lot of people there are wanting a better internet connection ...

Title: Re: Bonaire, Netherland Antilles
Post by mapa99 on Feb 26th, 2007 at 11:02pm
We are a Venezuelan company a we can provide satellite Internet services. Our coverage include all the netherland antilles.
If you are interested please contact me through my email

Title: Re: Bonaire, Netherland Antilles
Post by Mel_Berry on Oct 27th, 2007 at 7:45pm
Hello mapa99

We continue to look for a installation company or provider of Satellite Broadband and TV. Can I get your contact info?


Mel Berry
Houston Media Systems

Title: Re: Bonaire, Netherland Antilles
Post by Mel_Berry on Oct 28th, 2007 at 5:05pm

We have a few HughesNet systems working in Bonaire.

From memory we did not have to license these units at all, all of them working on 1.8 meter antennas.

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